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Question No.211

Which of the following violations cannot be learned by Traffic Learning?

  1. RFC violations

  2. File type length violations

  3. Attack signature violations

  4. Meta character violations on a specific parameter.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.212

If your customer has a policy requirement that cannot be handled in the Visual Policy Editor, what would you use to supplement the Visual Policy Editor?

  1. iApps

  2. TMOS

  3. iControl

  4. iRules

Correct Answer: D

Question No.213

Flow login allows for more granular protection of login and logout URLs within web applications. Which of the following are components of flow login? (Choose three.)

  1. Schema

  2. Login URLs

  3. Login pages

  4. Attack signatures

  5. Access validation

Correct Answer: BCE

Question No.214

An LTM object contains both IP address and port combinations and and host the same Web application. What is this object?

  1. Pool

  2. Self-IP

  3. Node

  4. Pool member

  5. Virtual Server

Correct Answer: A

Question No.215

Which two ports must be enabled to establish communication between GTM Systems and other BIG IP Systems? (Choose two.)











Correct Answer: AD

Question No.216

Which four of these scenarios will benefit from F5#39;s WAN Optimization Module? (Choose four.)

  1. An international organization with data centers in different countries.

  2. An organization that does not want to rely on using tape backup.

  3. An organization with one site but hundreds of Web servers.

  4. An organization whose users create extremely large files.

  5. An organization that expects their Web site usage to double in the next year.

  6. An organization attempting to lower costs by reducing the number of data centers.

Correct Answer: ABDF

Question No.217

It is common for free storage space to exist somewhere in a business network that is not easy for storage administrators to utilize. What solution can the ARX provide in this situation?

  1. The ARX identifies the exact location of the free storage, which allows network administrators to target those locations when provisioning additional storage.

  2. The ARX extends the capacity of each server by 10-15, through intelligent file virtualization.

  3. The ARX uses the extra storage for transaction logs and index files.

  4. The ARX allows the customer to pool storage from anywhere within the enterprise and capacity balance the overflow across devices.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.218

A virtual server is defined using a source address based persistence profile. The last five connections were A, B, C, A, C. Given the conditions shown in the graphic, if a client with IP address opens a connection to the virtual server, which member will be used for the connection?







Correct Answer: B

Question No.219

LTM can only load balance outbound traffic by using iRules

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: A

Question No.220

LTM runs on F5#39;s proprietary product platform. (Fill in the correct answer)

Correct Answer: TMOS

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