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Question No.41

APM can verify which four of the following details before granting a user access to a resource? (Choose four.)

  1. The user#39;s Web browser

  2. The user#39;s computer

  3. User#39;s hard drive encryption software

  4. Groups the user is a member of

  5. The network speed

  6. The user#39;s username

Correct Answer: ABDF

Question No.42

A BIG-IP has the following objects configured: A SNAT pool with 2 members:


A virtual server at that is associated with both the SNAT pool and the load balancing pool. If a client at IP address initiates a connection to the virtual server, what will the source IP address be in the packets sent to the chosen pool member?




D. It could be any of the addresses of the members of the load balancing pool. E.


Correct Answer: E

Question No.43

A security audit has determined that your web application is vulnerable to a cross site scripting attack. Which of the following measures are appropriate when building a security policy? (Choose two.)

  1. Cookie length must be restricted to 1024 bytes.

  2. Attack signature sets must be applied to any user input parameters.

  3. Parameter data entered for explicit objects must be checked for minimum and maximum values.

  4. Parameter data entered for flow level parameters must allow some metacharacters but not others.

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.44

Which of the following statements best describes the ARX architecture?

  1. The ARX#39;s split path architecture has a data path that handles the most common operations, and a control path that handles other operations requiring deeper inspection and updating of the index.

  2. The ARX#39;s architecture has redundancy built in, allowing a single ARX to be deployed in most use cases which provides a huge cost savings to customers.

  3. All of the above.

  4. It is a software agent that installs on the storage device.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.45

Which statement is true regarding OneConnect processing?

  1. The virtual server must have UDP profile.

  2. Server-side request can utilize existing client-side connections.

  3. The number of client connection is reduced.

  4. Client-side request can utilize existing server-side connections.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.46

Which four F5 products are on the TMOS platform? (Choose four.)

  1. ARX

  2. GTM

  3. WOM

  4. APM

  5. ASM

  6. Firepass

Correct Answer: BCDE

Question No.47

Using IP Geolocation, an organization can always direct a client request from France to a datacenter in Dublin.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: A

Question No.48

What is the purpose of floating self-IP addresses?

  1. to define an address that grants administrative access to either system at any time

  2. to define an address that allows either system to initiate communication at any time

  3. to define an address that allows network devices to route traffic via a single IP address

  4. to define an address that gives network devices greater flexibility in choosing a path to forward traffic

Correct Answer: C

Question No.49

A web client accesses a web application using what protocol?

  1. TCP

  2. XML

  3. HTML

  4. HTTP

Correct Answer: D

Question No.50

An LTM has the 3 virtual servers, 2 SNATs, four self IP addresses defined, and the networks shown in the exhibit. Selected options for each object are shown below. Settings not shown are at their defaults. Assume port exhaustion has not been reached.


A connection attempt is made with a source IP and port of and a destination IP and port of When the request is processed, what will be the source and destination IP addresses?


  1. The request will be droped.

  2. Source IP:; Destination IP:

  3. Source IP:; Destination IP

D. Source IP: Either or; Destination IP:

E. Source IP:; Destination IP: pool in the 172.16/16 network C

Correct Answer: D

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