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Question No.421

Which two statements are true about SNATs? (Choose two.)

  1. SNATs are enabled on all VLANs, by default.

  2. SNATs can be configured within a Profile definition.

  3. SNATs can be configured within a Virtual Server definition.

  4. SNAT#39;s are enabled only on the VLAN where origin traffic arrives, by default.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.422

The F5 Visual Policy Editor (VPE) is unique to the F5 BIG-IP APM module; no other access management tool has this capability. Select the features that the VPE provides. Select two.

  1. Develop customized reports on user access

  2. Customize landing or login pages

  3. Establish highly detailed policies based on customer business requirements

  4. Configure authentication server objects

  5. Perform multiple factors of authentication

Correct Answer: CE

Question No.423

What are two advantages of the Quality of Service (QoS) load balancing method? (Choose two.)

  1. It resolves requests to the site with the highest QoS value in the IP header.

  2. It combines multiple load balancing metric values in a single load balancing method.

  3. It allows the GTM administrator to place relative values on each metric used to determine the optimum site.

  4. It allows the GTM System to select the optimum virtual server based on all available path and server metrics.

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.424

What is the main business driver for bringing Enterprise Manager into the network infrastructure?

  1. Consolidate management of administrator and user accounts

  2. Consolidate management of licenses

  3. Consolidate management of SSL certificates

  4. Consolidate management of BIG-IP devices

  5. Consolidate management of access policies

Correct Answer: D

Question No.425

When using a single BIG-IP with APM, an organization can support up to 60,000 concurrent remote access users.

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: A

Question No.426

Which level of parameter assumes the highest precedence in BIG-IP ASM System processing logic?

  1. Flow

  2. Object

  3. Global

  4. URL

Correct Answer: A

Question No.427

Which three statements describe a characteristic of profiles? (Choose three.)

  1. Default profiles cannot be created or deleted.

  2. Custom profiles are always based on a parent profile.

  3. A profile can be a child of one profile and a parent of another.

  4. All changes to parent profiles are propagated to their child profiles.

  5. While most virtual servers have at least one profile associated with them, it is not required.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question No.428

How is traffic flow through transparent virtual servers different from typical virtual servers?

  1. Traffic flow through transparent virtual servers must be forwarded through a single routing device.

  2. Traffic flow through transparent virtual servers does not have IP address translation performed.

  3. Traffic flow through transparent virtual severs is not load balanced.

  4. Traffic flow through transparent virtual servers is bridged (leave IP and MAC.addresses intact) rather than routed (leave IP address intact but change the MAC.addresses).

Correct Answer: B

Question No.429

Which method of protection is not provided by the Rapid Deployment policy template?

  1. Data leakage

  2. Buffer overflow

  3. HTTP protocol compliance

  4. Dynamic parameter validation

Correct Answer: D

Question No.430

Which statement concerning virtual servers is true?

  1. Virtual servers can keep idle server connections open indefinitely.

  2. Virtual servers can compress data between the BIG-IP and servers.

  3. Virtual servers cannot perform load balancing without performing address translation.

  4. Virtual servers can reuse connections between the BIG-IP and server for multiple HTTP GETs.

  5. Virtual server processing always translates the virtual server address to the address of the chosen pool member.

Correct Answer: D

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