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Question No.121

How many experimental runs exist in a Full Factorial and fully randomized design for 4 factors with 2 replicates for the Corner Points and no Center Points? The factors in the experiment are only at 2-levels.









Correct Answer: B

Question No.122

Measurement is defined as the difference between the observed and the expected values for a given set of data.

  1. Bias

  2. Linearity

  3. Range

  4. Breadth

Correct Answer: A

Question No.123

SPC Charts are used extensively in different business and decision-making environments. In this example a vendor is being selected based on speed of delivery. Which of the conclusions would help you pick a vendor for your needs regarding lead-time of delivery from your vendors? (Note:There are 4 correct answers).


  1. Vendor A with a much shorter lead time in delivery

  2. Vendor B as it has a better consistency (lower variance) on lead time

  3. Vendor B since Vendor A shows a situation out of control as shown in red

  4. Vendor B since the Control Limits are much narrower than Vendor A

  5. Vendor B has higher lead time, but a process with much narrower Control Limits

Correct Answer: BCDE

Question No.124

Handling of warranty returns, process improvement team meetings and rework to meet customer expectations are all examples of business costs that are classified as .

  1. Nuisance

  2. Non-value Add

  3. Necessary

  4. Unavoidable

Correct Answer: B

Question No.125

If an experiment has 5 factors and no replicates for a 2-level Experimental Design with 16 experimental runs which statement is incorrect?

  1. The Experimental Design is half-fractional

  2. The Main Effects are confounded with only 4-way interactions

  3. The Main Effects for the 5 factors are not aliased or confounded but the 2-way interactions are

    confounded with the 3-way interactions

  4. The experiment has 8 experimental runs with the first factor at the high level

Correct Answer: C

Question No.126

The is the most frequently occurring value in a distribution of data.

  1. Median

  2. Mean

  3. Center Point

  4. Mode

Correct Answer: D

Question No.127

Which of these graphs demonstrates conditions which would be sufficient to enable OCAP for the process?

  1. Xbar Chart

  2. Time Series Chart

  3. Neither

  4. Both

Correct Answer: A

Question No.128

Which Experimental Design typically is most associated with the fewest number of input variables or factors in the design?

  1. Fractional Factorial design

  2. Full Factorial design

  3. Simple Linear Regression

  4. Response Surface Design

Correct Answer: D

Question No.129

A Belt working in a supply chain environment has to make a decision to change suppliers of critical raw materials for a new product upgrade. The purchasing manager is depending on the Belt#39;s effort requiring that the average cost of an internal critical raw material component be less than or equal to $2,800 in order to stay within budget. Using a sample of 55 first article components, a Mean of the new product upgrade price of $2,240 and a Standard Deviation of

$120 was estimated. Based on the data provided, the Z value for the data assuming a Normal Distribution is?

A. 2.33







Correct Answer: B

Question No.130

During the phase of 5S is when we might implement a Red Tag program.

  1. Straightening

  2. Standardizing

  3. Shining

  4. Sorting

Correct Answer: D

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