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Question No.131

An administrator has issued the command to start IBM Systems Director server. The administrator wants to view the changing status to see when it becomes active. How can this be accomplished?

  1. smcli-check

  2. isdstat-m

  3. smstatus-r

  4. Iwistat-c

Correct Answer: C

Question No.132

Which TWO components of IBM Systems Director are included in a new installation of a AIX 7.1?

(Select 2)

  1. Common Agent

  2. Interface Agent

  3. Distributed Agent

  4. Platform Agent

  5. Management Agent

  6. Update Agent

  7. Compliance Agent

Correct Answer: AD

Question No.133

Which action must be completed on the HMC when a partition is in a Recoverystate?

  1. Select Configuration and Restore partition data.

  2. Select Recover Partition Data for the managed system.

  3. Select Initialize Partition for the LPAR in Recovery state

  4. Select Configuration and Rebuild Managed System.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.134

Which command will read a volume group backup stored at/dev/cd1 and restore the

/myapp/app.c file to the /data/testcode directory?

  1. restorevgfiles -f /dev/cd1 -s -d /data/testcode ./myapp/app.c

  2. restvg -d /dev/cd1 -s -f /data/testcode./myapp/app.c

  3. restore -Tqvf/dev/cd1 -s -d /data/testcode ./myapp/app.c

  4. listvgbackup -restore /dev/cd1 -s -f/data/testcode ./myapp/app.c

Correct Answer: A

Question No.135

The following output shows that a logical volume was renamed, but the change does not appear to be effective. What is the most likely cause?


  1. The command did not perform the change.

  2. The filesystem needs to be remounted.

  3. Only raw logical volumes can be renamed.

  4. The log device needs to be renamed as well.

  5. The volume group should have been inactive.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.136

An administrator has used setsecattr to associate authorizations with an AIX commanD. The appropriate stanza has been added to the privileged commands database (/etc/security/privcmds). What must be done before the new authorization can be used?

  1. Run the setkst command to update the kernel security tables.

  2. Assign a new role that the authorization can be associated with and reboot.

  3. Activate the change in the security database with the updateauths command.

  4. Run the refreshsrc -g RBAC command to make the changes effective.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.137

Where is Cluster Aware AIX cluster configuration data stored?

  1. A shared diskthat is accessible from all nodes

  2. A NFS filesystem that is accessible by all nodes

  3. A shared system pool that is accessible by all nodes

  4. A master copy on one node and the data is replicated to the local disk of the other nodes

Correct Answer: A

Question No.138

A NIM server is used to support different AIX Technology Levels among several clients. Each technology level is maintained in a separate lpp_source. Which command(s) will display what AIX fixes are available for several TL levels supported by a NIM server?

  1. niminv-o fixget-a targets=lpp_source1,lpp_source2

  2. nim_update_check-lsumalpp_source1 nim_update_check-lsumalpp_source2

  3. nim-o cust-a fixes=update_all lpp_source1Jpp_source2

  4. nim -o Ippmgr-a Ippmgr_flags=quot;Isbquot; lpp_source1, Ipp_source2

Correct Answer: A

Question No.139

How can a system administrator verify the progress of an AIX 7.1 client installation from the NIM master?

  1. nim -status

  2. Isnim-I

  3. nim-o check

  4. tail-f/var/adrn/ras/nimclient

Correct Answer: B

Question No.140

Which command creates an application WPAR?

  1. mkwpar

  2. wparexec

  3. crwpar

  4. wparcreate

Correct Answer: B

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