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Question No.161

Given the output below, what is the purpose of the ent5 and ent6 interfaces?


  1. Provides multiple logical networks using the IEEE 802.1 Q standard

  2. Monitors packet headers and creates the appropriate default routes

  3. Enables primary and backup EtherChannel adapter failover monitoring

  4. Allows the use of a IPv4 alias within the same subnet as the base adapter

Correct Answer: A

Question No.162

A customer wants to restore a mksysb using a NIM server while using the least amount of disk space possible. Which set of actions does the customer need to take?

  1. Define mksysb resource, create lpp_source from mksysb resource

  2. Define mksysb resource, create spot from lpp_source resource

  3. Define mksysb resource, create spot from mksysb resource

  4. Define spot resource, create lpp_source from mksysb resource

Correct Answer: D

Question No.163

After successfully mirroring rootvg using the mirrorvg command, why must the bosboot command be run against the introduced disk?

  1. To update the boot list held in NVRAM

  2. To record from which disk the system will boot

  3. To customize the bootrec of the newly mirrored drive

  4. To synchronize the boot record between the mirrored drives

Correct Answer: C

Question No.164

What is depicted in the following diagram?


  1. Long distance NFSv4 mount

  2. Cluster Aware AIX linked cluster

  3. Asynchronous GLVM mirroring

  4. Cross site disk heartbeat

Correct Answer: C

Question No.165

A customer has been creating LPARs on a new POWER8 system.

After successfully activating the first 10 LPARs, the customer notices that the available RAM on physical machine reported by the HMC has reduced more than the sum of the memory currently allocated to the activated LPARs.

The Customer appreciates there will be a memory overhead for each activated LPAR, but the overhead appears more than expected.

Which LPAR attribute is the likely cause for the excess in memory consumption?

  1. Active memory expansion factor

  2. Maximum Virtual Adapters

  3. Maximum memory

  4. Maximum pages

Correct Answer: A

Question No.166

How can an administrator configure the storage on anAIX system, with no single points of failure in the disk storage, for a database volume group?

  1. Assign virtual storage through a VIO Server.

  2. Configure two local SAS adapters and use RAID-1.

  3. Configure a local SAS adapter and use RAID-5 with a hotspare.

  4. Configure a 2-port HBA adapter with redundant paths to SAN storage.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.167

A customer has a virtualized system using Virtual I/O Server with multiple client partitions accessing the SAN using NPIV? Which command on the client partition should be run to retrieve the network address of the fiber adapter?

  1. lscfg -vp -l fcs0

  2. lspci -va fcsi | grep quot;Network Addressquot;

  3. lspath -npiv fcs0 | grep quot;NetworkAddressquot;

  4. lsdev | grep fcs0

Correct Answer: C

Question No.168

An administrator changed the hostname of a system from dbtest.company.com to dbprod.company.comusing SMIT. The new entry in /etc/hosts is: dbprod.company.com

When the administrator issued the host command, the following result was observed.

#gt; host dbprod

host: 0827-801 Host name dbprod does not exist.

#gt; host

dbtest.company.com is

Until DNS records can be updated, which action will allow the host command to return the correct name and IP address?

  1. Modify/etc/nsswitch.conf and set hosts: files dns

  2. Modify/etc/resolv.conf and specify the new nameserver

  3. Modify/etc/netsvc.conf and set hosts = local, bind

  4. Modify/etc/mrouted.conf and add: dbprod quot;dbprodquot;

Correct Answer: C

Question No.169

What should be considered when creating a file system with a small fragment size of 512 bytes?

  1. The maximum size of a file is reduced.

  2. The total number of inodes is decreased.

  3. The maximum file system size limit is reduced.

  4. The disk I/O operations will increase.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.170

An administrator saved a change to the active profile of an LPAR. When will the change takeeffect?

  1. Immediately after the profile is saved

  2. When the admin reboots the LPAR from within AIX

  3. When the Rebuild Managed System task completes

  4. When the LPAR is shutdown and the profile is activated from the HMC

Correct Answer: D

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