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Question No.171

Why has the following message returned when creating a NIM lpp_source from a the AIX 7100- 02-01 Service Pack?


  1. The lpp_source was not created using base media.

  2. A source repository was not included in the command.

  3. The bos.rte fileset was not included in the lpp_source.

  4. The simage attribute was not specified in the command

Correct Answer: A

Question No.172

Which performance tool can be usedto determine if any particular partitions of a logical volume are more heavily accessed than others?

  1. lplayout

  2. fileplace

  3. lvmstat

  4. sar

Correct Answer: C

Question No.173

Which command can be used to monitor I/O activity?

  1. cpio

  2. alstat

  3. iostat

  4. vmstat

Correct Answer: D

Question No.174

Which file lists all tunables and associated values applied during the last reboot?

  1. /etc/tunables/nextboot.log

  2. /etc/tunables/lastboot.log

  3. /etc/tunables/nextboot

  4. /etc/tunables/lastboot

Correct Answer: D

Question No.175

When preparing to install a System WPAR using NIM, what action must occur before the planned WPAR can be successfully defined as a NIM client?

  1. Install AIX onto the global environment.

  2. Register the planned hostnamesto DNS.

  3. Define the global environment LPAR as a NIM client.

  4. Create an lpp_source with the WPAR-specific backup files.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.176

Which statement regarding theatcommand is true?

  1. Jobs usingatcan be scheduled at regular intervals if the batch job queue is selected.

  2. When theatcommand is run it retains the current environment.

  3. When running theatcommand, an optional duration may be specified for automatic process termination.

  4. The atd daemon must be running in order for at jobs to be processed.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.177

Additional space is required in /tmp to allowsnapto run to completion. There isNOTenough unallocated space in rootvg to increase /tmp to the required size. ThereISenough free space within a secondary volume group. How can the file system configuration be updated to allow snap to run successfully?

  1. Usemirrorvgwith the -I parameter to mirror just /dev/hd3 to the secondary volume group and extend the file system

  2. Create a new logical volume in the secondary volume group, then increase the /tmp file system capacity withextendfs

  3. Create a new file system within the secondary volume group and mount it over /tmp/ibmsupt

  4. Dynamically move /tmp into the secondary volume group withmigratepvand extend the file system

capacity withchfs

Correct Answer: B

Question No.178

A customer wants to edit the CPU and memory settings in a template that is used in the environment. How should this be accomplished?

  1. Edit HMC V7 system template

  2. Edit HMC V8 system template

  3. Edit HMC V7 partition template

  4. Edit HMC V8 partition template

Correct Answer: D

Question No.179

Which type of resource is required for every BOS installation performed with NIM?

  1. spot

  2. script

  3. resolv_conf

  4. bosinst_data

Correct Answer: A

Question No.180

What is a difference between a Versioned WPAR and a system copy WPAR?

  1. System copy WPARs are created from a mksysb.

  2. Snapshots can be created of a Versioned WPAR.

  3. System copy WPARs are only supported on POWER7 hardware.

  4. Versioned WPARs are enabled through purchase of an additional licensed product

Correct Answer: D

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