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Question No.41

Which TWO groups of actions will create a CDROM file system for device cd0 and mount this on

/cdfs? (Select two)

  1. cdutil-s-kcd0/cdfs mount /cdfs

  2. Define cd0 mount point as /cdfs in file /etc/cdromd.conf startsrc -s cdromd cdmount cd0

  3. Define cd0 mount point as /cdfs in /etc/filesystems as vfs type jfs2 mount /cdfs

  4. crfs-vcdrfs-pro-d#39;cd0#39;-mVcdfs#39; mount /cdfs

  5. mkfs-v/cdfs/dev/cd0 mount /cdfs

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.42

How can an administrator disable Role Based Access Control (RBAC) in a WPAR?

  1. Run chattr -E -I sys0 -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR

  2. Run the RBAC wizard and deselect #39;Enable RBAC Reboot the system

  3. Run chdev -I mywpar -a enhanced_RBAC=false Reboot the Global Environment

  4. Run chwpar -a RBAC=false Reboot the WPAR

Correct Answer: C

Question No.43

Which of the following is an AIX 7 Cluster Aware feature?

  1. Cluster application load balancing

  2. Cluster shared volume groups on the shared disk

  3. Cluster IP addresses on the shared resource

  4. Cluster configurations on the cluster repository disk

Correct Answer: D

Question No.44

Which AIX command will display the virtual SCSI slot number that is the parent of hdisk0?

  1. Isdev

  2. Iscfg

  3. Isattr

  4. Ismap

Correct Answer: B

Question No.45

An administrator needs to limit the size of the filesystem cache. Which tuning parameters need to be adjusted?

  1. minfree and maxfree

  2. minperm and maxperm

  3. minfreemem and maxfreemem

  4. minpgahead and maxpgahead

  5. sb_min and sb_max

Correct Answer: E

Question No.46

On AIX 7, which command will list a summary of the issues detected by Electronic Service Agent?

  1. esacli errpt

  2. esacli problem

  3. esacli status

  4. esacli activity

Correct Answer: B

Question No.47

An administrator utilizes the parallel nature of dsh to streamline common tasks, but must serialize some to prevent network saturation. What dsh parameter will override the default behavior?

  1. The fanout parameter.

  2. The execute parameter.

  3. The node-options parameter

  4. The stream parameter

Correct Answer: A

Question No.48

An administrator created logical volume fs01l to contain a JFS2 file system. When trying to create the filesystem the crfs command gives an error. Given the following logical volume definition, which action will correct the error?


  1. crfs -vjfs2 -m /fs01 -d /dev/fs01lv

  2. mklv-tjfs2-yfs01lvrootvg5

  3. chdev-lfs01lv-atype=jfs2

  4. chlv-tjfs2fs01lv

Correct Answer: D

Question No.49

New change control procedures dictate that system maintenance windows be shown to each user after logging into the system using sshor telnet. Updating which file or files will accomplish this task?

  1. The message of the day file

  2. The user default attributes file

  3. User and admin system alert files

  4. The var daily message files

Correct Answer: A

Question No.50

Which command will help determine if the primary Ethernet adapter in an EtherChannel has failed and the backup adapter is being used?

  1. ethstat

  2. entstat

  3. ifconfig

  4. Isagg

Correct Answer: B

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