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Question No.151

Hand over of Testware is a part of which Phase:

  1. Test Analysis and Design

  2. Test Planning and control

  3. Test Closure Activities

  4. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting

Correct Answer: C

Question No.152

One Key reason why developers have difficulty testing their own work is:

  1. Lack of technical documentation

  2. Lack of test tools on the market for developers

  3. Lack of training

  4. Lack of Objectivity

Correct Answer: C

Question No.153

The purpose of exit criteria is:

  1. Define when to stop testing

  2. End of test level

  3. When a set of tests has achieved a specific pre condition

  4. All of the above

Correct Answer: D

Question No.154

What is important to do when working with software development models?

  1. To adapt the models to the context of project and product characteristics.

  2. To choose the waterfall model because it is the first and best proven model.

  3. To start with the V-model and then move to either iterative or incremental models.

  4. To only change the organization to fit the model and not vice versa.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.155

Which statement below BEST describes non-functional testing?

  1. The process of testing an integrated system to verify that it meets specified requirements.

  2. The process of testing to determine the compliance of a system to coding standards.

  3. Testing without reference to the internal structure of a system.

  4. Testing system attributes, such as usability, reliability or maintainability.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.156

For which of the following would maintenance testing be used?

  1. Correction of defects during the development phase.

  2. Planned enhancements to an existing operational system.

  3. Complaints about system quality during user acceptance testing.

  4. Integrating functions during the development of a new system.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.157

Reporting Discrepancies as incidents is a part of which phase:

  1. Test Analysis and Design

  2. Test Implementation and execution

  3. Test Closure Activities

  4. Evaluating exit criteria and reporting

Correct Answer: B

Question No.158

Important consequences of the impossibility of complete testing are:

  1. We can never be certain that the program is bug free.

  2. We have no definite stopping point for testing, which makes it easier for some managers to argue for very little testing.

  3. We have no easy answer for what testing tasks should always be required, because every task takes time that could be spent on other high importance tasks.

  4. All of the above

Correct Answer: D

Question No.159

Which of the following is the main purpose of the component build and integration strategy?

  1. to ensure that all of the small components are tested

  2. to ensure that the system interfaces to other systems and networks

  3. to ensure that the integration testing can be performed by a small team

  4. to specify how the software should be divided into components

  5. to specify which components to combine when, and how many at once

Correct Answer: E

Question No.160

What should be the MAIN objective during development testing?

  1. To cause as many failures as possible so that defects in the software are identified and can be fixed

  2. To confirm that the system works as expected and that requirements have been met

  3. To assess the quality of the software with no intention of fixing defects

  4. To give information to stakeholders of the risk of releasing the system at a given time

Correct Answer: A

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