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Question No.311

Which of the following correctly states a limitation in the use of static analysis tools?

  1. Static analysis tools can be applied to new code but cannot be applied to existing code

  2. Static analysis tools can be used to enforce coding standards

  3. Static analysis tools always generate large numbers of warning messages when applied to new code, even if the code meets coding standards

  4. Static analysis tools do not generate warning messages when applied to existing code

Correct Answer: B

Question No.312

What is the main reason for using a pilot project to introduce a testing tool into an organization?

  1. To identify the requirements for using a tool

  2. To make a selection between alternative tools

  3. To assess whether the tool will be cost- effective

  4. To ensure the tools fits existing processes without change

Correct Answer: C

Question No.313

Which of the following BEST describes the relationship between test planning and test execution?

  1. Test planning ensures the level of detail in test procedures is appropriate for test execution

  2. Test planning schedules test execution but does not assign resources

  3. Test planning defines the overall approach to testing but does not schedule specific activities such as test execution

  4. Test planning identifies test objectives related to scope and risk but does not define the level of detail for test procedures used in test execution

Correct Answer: A

Question No.314

The flow graph below shows the logic of a program for which 100% statement coverage and 100% decision coverage is required on exit from component testing.

The following test cases have been run: Test Case 1 covering path P,Q,R,U Test Case 2 covering path P,Q,S,V Test Case 3 covering path P,Q,S,W,X Test case 4 covering path P,Q,S,W,Y Refer to the exhibit.


  1. Statement coverage is 100%; decision coverage is 100%

  2. Statement coverage is less than 100%; decision coverage is 100%.

  3. Statement coverage is 100%; decision coverage is less than 100%

  4. Statement coverage and decision coverage are both less than 100%

Correct Answer: D

Question No.315

Refer to the exhibit. Which of the following test cases will ensure that the statement `Print `Hold#39;#39; is exercised?


A. X=2, Y=2, Z=2 B. X=2, Y=3, Z=4 C. X=2, Y=4, Z=3 D. X=4, Y=3, Z=2

Correct Answer: C

Question No.316

Refer to the exhibit. Which of the test cases below will exercise both outcomes from decision 2?


A. P = 24, Q = 20, P=24, Q=25 B. P = 36, Q = 36, P=37, Q=35 C. P = 42, Q = 43, P=42, Q=42 D. P = 37, Q = 36, P=35, Q=36

Correct Answer: B

Question No.317

Refer to the exhibit. The Cambrian Pullman Express has special ticketing requirements represented by the partial decision table below.


Carol has a student railcard and is travelling on a Flexible Standard Class ticket. James has a senior railcard and is travelling on a super saver ticket. Which of the options represents the correct actions for these two test cases?

  1. Carol is eligible to upgrade; James cannot use the service

  2. Carol is OK to travel; James is eligible for an upgrade

  3. Carol and James are both eligible to upgrade

  4. Carol is OK to travel; James cannot use the service

Correct Answer: A

Question No.318

How does software testing contribute to the quality of delivered software?

  1. By detecting and removing all the defects in the delivered code and ensuring that all tests adhere to the quality standards set for the project

  2. By measuring reliability of the software and ensuring that it is always above 99.99%

  3. By identifying root causes of defects from past projects and using the lessons learned to improve processes and thus help to reduce the defect count

  4. By detecting all deviations from coding good practice and ensuring that these are corrected

Correct Answer: C

Question No.319

An iPhone application identifies and counts all purchases of a particular product from a shopping website. The application incorrectly counts purchase attempts by including both failed attempts, and also those where the purchase was terminated by the user before completion. Testing has identified that the problem was located in the `purchase identification#39; module, where the first stage in the purchasing process was counted, rather than a successful confirmed purchase.

Which of the following statements correctly identifies what has happened?

  1. The application failed because of a defect in the purchase identification module caused by a programmer mistake or an error in the specification.

  2. An error by the programmer led to a mistake in the purchase identification module and this caused

    a defect in the application

  3. A defect in the purchase identification module caused by a mistake in the module specification led to a defect in the overall application

  4. A bug in the purchase identification module caused a fault in the application

Correct Answer: A

Question No.320

Which of the following is a valid objective of testing?

  1. Correcting defects

  2. Locating defects in the code

  3. Preventing defects

  4. Ensuring no defects are present

Correct Answer: C

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