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Question No.51

You are asked to free up disk space so you can update your version of the Junos OS. Which two commands display the files that will be removed? (Choose two.)

  1. user@routergt; request system storage cleanup

  2. user@routergt; show system storage

  3. user@routergt; request system storage cleanup dry-run

  4. user@routergt; show system storage detail

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.52

Which source of routing information is preferred by default?

  1. OSPF internal

  2. OSPF external

  3. IS-IS Level 1

  4. IS-IS Level 2

Correct Answer: A

Question No.53

What are two examples of RE exception traffic? (Choose two.)

  1. BGP updates that travel through the local router and are destined for a remote router.

  2. OSPF hello packets that are sent from a remote router and are destined for the local router.

  3. Telnet traffic that is sent from a remote host and is destined for the local router.

  4. Telnet traffic that travels through the local router and is destined for a remote end host.

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.54

Which word starts a command to display the operational status of a Junos device?

  1. put

  2. set

  3. show

  4. get

Correct Answer: C

Question No.55

Which three statements are true regarding the candidate configuration? (Choose three.)

  1. The candidate configuration is a temporary configuration that might become the active configuration.

  2. A candidate configuration is initially populated with the configuration currently active on the system.

  3. Changes to the candidate configuration take effect immediately.

  4. The candidate configuration becomes the active configuration after a system reboot.

  5. The configure private command allows concurrent editing of a candidate configuration by multiple users.

Correct Answer: ABE

Question No.56

Which two statements are true about the configure exclusive command? (Choose two.)

  1. It allows users to retain all uncommitted changes when exiting exclusive configuration mode.

  2. It allows multiple users to edit private copies of the configuration concurrently.

  3. It causes the loss of all uncommitted changes when exiting exclusive configuration mode.

  4. It excludes other users from editing the configuration.

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.57

You are troubleshooting a routing issue and need to check the hop-by-hop path to the destination. Which three commands would display the path? (Choose three.)

  1. user@router# traceroute

  2. user@routergt; ping record-route

  3. user@routergt;traceroute

  4. user@router# run traceroute

  5. user@router# ping record-route

Correct Answer: BCD

Question No.58

Which two statements are true regarding route preference? (Choose two.)

  1. Lower preference values are more preferred than higher preference values.

  2. You can modify the default preference values for any of the routing information sources.

  3. By default, a static route is more preferred than a RIP route.

  4. A static route is always preferred over a direct route.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.59

Which information would you find using the CLI help function? (Choose two.)

  1. message of the day

  2. tip of the day

  3. explanation for specific system log error messages

  4. explanation for specific traceoptions log messages

    Correct Answer: BC

    Question No.60

    Which statement is correct regarding exception traffic processing?

    1. Exception traffic is only handled by the PFE.

    2. Exception traffic is rate-limited across the internal link to protect the RE.

    3. Exception traffic is not prioritized during times of congestion.

    4. Exception traffic is forwarded based on forwarding table entries.

Correct Answer: B

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