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Question No.31

How can the current directory and its subdirectories be searched for the file named MyFile.xml?

  1. find . -name MyFile.xml

  2. grep MyFile.xml | find

  3. grep -r MyFile.xml .

  4. less MyFile.xml

  5. search Myfile.xml ./

Correct Answer: A

Question No.32

The script, script.sh, consists of the following lines:

#!/bin/bash echo $2 $1

Which output will appear if the command, ./script.sh test1 test2, is entered?

  1. test1 test2

  2. test2 test1

  3. script.sh test2

  4. script.sh test1

  5. test1 script.sh

Correct Answer: B

Question No.33

Which of the following commands will set the variable text to olaf is home? (Choose two)

  1. text=olaf\ is\ home

  2. text=$olaf is home

  3. $text=#39;olaf is home#39;

  4. text==#39;olaf is home#39;

  5. text=quot;olaf is homequot;

Correct Answer: AE

Question No.34

What is the correct command to extract the contents of the archive file download.bz2?

  1. unpack download.bz2

  2. unzip2 download.bz2

  3. bunzip2 download.bz2

  4. unzip download.bz2

  5. uncompress download.bz2

Correct Answer: C

Question No.35

Which approach will provide a listing of the contents in a tar archive?

  1. Use the tar command with -t.

  2. Use the grep command.

  3. Use the find command.

  4. Use the zless command.

  5. Use the zlist command.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.36

The output of the program date should be saved in the variable actdat. What is the correct statement?

  1. actdat=`date`

  2. set actdat=#39;date#39;

  3. date | actdat

  4. date gt; $actdat

  5. actdat=date

Correct Answer: A

Question No.37

Which of the following commands will create an archive file, named backup.tar, containing all the files from the directory /home?

  1. tar /home backup.tar

  2. tar -cf /home backup.tar

  3. tar -xf /home backup.tar

  4. tar -xf backup.tar /home

  5. tar -cf backup.tar /home

Correct Answer: E

Question No.38

Which of the following commands redirects the output of cmd to the file foo.txt, in which an existing file is overwritten?

  1. cmd || foo.txt

  2. cmd | foo.txt

  3. cmd amp;amp; foo.txt

  4. cmd gt;gt; foo.txt

  5. cmd gt; foo.txt

Correct Answer: E

Question No.39

Which command will display the last line of the file foo.txt?

  1. head -n 1 foo.txt

  2. tail foo.txt

  3. last -n 1 foo.txt

  4. tail -n 1 foo.txt

Correct Answer: D

Question No.40

What is the output of the following command sequence? for token in a b c; do

echo -n quot;$token quot;; done

  1. anbncn

  2. a b c

C. quot;a quot; quot;b quot; quot;c quot;

  1. token token token

  2. abc

Correct Answer: B

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