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Question No.41

Which of the following commands will output all of the lines with the name Fred in upper or lower case but not the word red from the file data_file? (Choose two)

  1. grep -v fred data_file

  2. grep #39;[f]red#39; data_file

  3. egrep fred data_file

  4. grep #39;[Ff]red#39; data_file

  5. grep -i fred data_file

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.42

Given a file called birthdays containing lines like: YYYY-MM-DD Name

1983-06-02 Tim

1995-12-17 Sue

Which command would you use to output the lines belonging to all people listed whose birthday is in May or June?

  1. grep #39;[56]#39; birthdays

  2. grep 05?6? birthdays

  3. grep #39;[0-9]*-0[56]-#39; birthdays

  4. grep 06 birthdays | grep 05

Correct Answer: C

Question No.43


What two character sequence is present at the beginning of an interpreted script? (Please specify the TWO correct characters only)

Correct Answer: #!

Question No.44

Which of the following command sequences overwrites the file foobar.txt?

  1. echo quot;QUIDQUIDAGISquot; gt;gt; foobar.txt

  2. echo quot;QUIDQUIDAGISquot; lt; foobar.txt

  3. echo quot;QUIDQUIDAGISquot; gt; foobar.txt

  4. echo quot;QUIDQUIDAGISquot; | foobar.txt

Correct Answer: C

Question No.45

Which character starts a comment line in a shell script file?

  1. ;

  2. *

  3. #

  4. /

Correct Answer: C

Question No.46

Which command chain will count the number of regular files with the name of foo.txt within /home?

  1. ls -lR /home | grep foo.txt | wc -l

  2. find /home -type f -name foo.txt | wc -l

  3. find /home -name foo.txt -count

  4. find /home -name foo.txt | wc -l

  5. grep -R foo.txt /home | wc -l

Correct Answer: B

Question No.47

How can the normal output of a command be written to a file while discarding the error output?

  1. command gt;2gt;file 1amp;gt;/dev/null

  2. command lt; output gt; /dev/null

  3. command gt; discard-error gt; file

  4. command gt; /dev/null 2amp;gt;1 output

  5. command gt;file 2gt;/dev/null

Correct Answer: E

Question No.48

What is the output of the following command? for token in a b c; do

echo -n ${token}; done

  1. anbncn

  2. abc

  3. $token$token$token D. {a}{b}{c}

E. a b c

Correct Answer: B

Question No.49

What does the exit status 0 indicate about a process?

  1. The process ended without any problems.

  2. The process was terminated by the user.

  3. The process couldn#39;t finish correctly.

  4. The process waited for an input but got none.

  5. The process finished in time.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.50

Which of the following commands can be used to extract content from a tar file?

  1. tar -xvf

  2. tar -vf

  3. tar -e

  4. tar -c

  5. tar -v

Correct Answer: A

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