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Question No.141

An organization plans to migrate to Office 365. You use Azure AD Connect.

Several users will not migrate to Office 365. You must exclude these users from synchronization. All users must continue to authenticate against the on-premises Active Directory.

You need to synchronize the remaining users.

Which three actions should you perform to ensure users excluded from migration are not synchornized? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  1. Run the Windows PowerShell command Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled -EnableDirSync $false

  2. Perform a full synchronization.

  3. Populate an attribute for each user account.

  4. Configure the connection filter.

  5. Disable the user accounts in Active Directory.

Correct Answer: BCD


http://www.proexchange.be/blogs/office365/archive/2011/07/28/modify-dirsync-to-not-sync-all- users-to-office-365.aspx

Question No.142

You have an on premises Exchange organization. The organization plans to migrate to Exchange Online.

Users report that after their mailboxes are migrated to Exchange Online they are no longer able to send email 10 a specific dynamic distribution list. All other distribution lists work as expected.

You need to resolve the issue. What should you do?

  1. In the Active Directory Synchronization Services console, change the connector filter to include dynamic distribution lists.

  2. In Office 365, re-create the dynamic distribution list.

  3. Run the following Windows PowerShell cmdlet: Set- DynamicDistributionGroup

  4. Reduce the number of members in the distribution list to fewer than 1,500 contacts.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.143

You use a centralized identity management system as a source of authority for user account information. You export a list of new user accounts to a file on a daily basis. Your company uses a local Active Directory for storing user accounts for on premises solutions- You are also using Azure AD Connect.

New user accounts must be created in both the local Active Directory and Office 365. You must import user account data into Office 365 daily.

You need to import the new users. What should you do?

  1. Create a Windows PowerShell script to import account data from the tile into Active Directory.

  2. Create a Windows PowerShell script that uses the MSOnline module to import account data from the file.

  3. Use the Azure Management portal to import the file.

  4. Use the office 365 admin center to import the file.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.144

You have an Exchange Online tenant.

You must identify mailboxes that are no longer in use. You need to locate the inactive mailboxes.

Which Windows PowerShell command should you run?

  1. Get-StaleMailboxReport -Expression

  2. Get-StaleMailboxReport -Organization

  3. Get-MailboxActivityReport -Organization

  4. Get-StaleMailboxReport -EndDate

Correct Answer: D


Use the Get-StaleMailboxReport cmdlet to view the number of mailboxes that haven#39;t been accessed for at least 30 days. The EndDate parameter specifies the end date of the date range.


Not A: The Get-StaleMailboxReport command has no -Expression parameter. Not B: The Get-StaleMailboxReport command has no -Organization parameter.

Not C: The Get-MailboxActivityReport shows you a count of the mailboxes created in your Exchange Online organisation between set dates.




Question No.145

A company has an Office 365 tenant.

You need to ensure that Active Directory is ready for synchronization. Which tool should you run?

  1. IdFix

  2. Office 365 Health, Readiness, and Connectivity Check

  3. Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer Tool

  4. Synchronization Service (MllSClient)

Correct Answer: A

Question No.146

What type of record do you need to configure in your custom DNS zone to allow Office 365 to confirm that your organization owns this zone?

  1. TXT

  2. SRV

  3. CNAME

  4. AAAA

Correct Answer: A


You need to configure a custom TXT record in your custom DNS zone to allow Office 365 to confirm that your organization owns a specific DNS zone.

References: https://www.microsoftpressstore.com/articles/article.aspx?p=2419713amp;seqNum=2

Question No.147

You have assign an office 365 plan to users that do not require a full Office client, but do support hosted voicemail. What is the least cost plan you must assign?

  1. Office 365 Medium Business

  2. Office 365 Enterprise E1

  3. Office 365 Enterprise E3

  4. Office 365 Enterprise E4

Correct Answer: C



Question No.148

You are an administrator for fabrikam.com and have to prove domain ownership of your domain for Office 365. What DNS record type should you create?

  1. Host record (A)

  2. Text record (TXT)

  3. Service record (SRV)

  4. Alias record (CNAME)

    Correct Answer: B



    Question No.149

    What does symbol mean in the service dashboard?


    1. Normal service

    2. Service degradation

    3. Service restored

    4. Restoring service

    5. Extended recovery

Correct Answer: C

Question No.150

What port do you have open between the ADFS proxies and AD servers?









Correct Answer: C



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