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Question No.11

Your company wants to default the preferred fulfillment warehouse and scheduled ship date as order requested date during order import and skip the scheduling task for a particular order type. What are the two business rules that must be configured to achieve this requirement? (Choose two.)

  1. Define a branching condition rule.

  2. Define a lead time expression rule.

  3. Define a line selection criteria rule for the scheduling task.

  4. Define a compensation pattern rule.

  5. Define a pre-transformation defaulting rule.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.12

What is the configuration required to automatically calculate the Jeopardy Score and priority

when an orchestration process is planned or re-planned?

  1. Schedule the process refresh and start the order promising server.

  2. Check the change mode parameter to Advanced on the orchestration process.

  3. Schedule the process plan orchestration processes.

  4. Check the Replan Instantly parameter in the orchestration process.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.13

You have deployed the Extensible Flexfield (EFF) successfully but it is not visible in the order capture additional information section. Identify the two reasons for this behavior. (Choose two.)

  1. The EFF definition is not frozen.

  2. The EFF segments are not defined correctly.

  3. The EFF compilation is not done.

  4. The custom extensible flexfields are not published.

  5. The EFF context is not associated with the page.

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.14

In the Cloud Order Management system, identify the function performed by the External Interface Layer.

  1. It manages the communication between Order Management and external or internal fulfillment systems.

  2. It sends information to downstream fulfillment systems, and interprets responses and updates from those systems.

  3. It receives information from upstream order capture systems, sends information to downstream fulfillment systems, and interprets responses and updates from those systems.

  4. It imports orders and processes them to fulfillment lines before assigning them to fulfillment systems.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.15

You are creating a sales order and would like to see the sales order as a document. From the actions drop down menu what should you select?

  1. Create Document.

  2. Order documents are not supported.

  3. Create PDF (Portable Document Format).

  4. Edit Additional Information.

  5. Manage Attachments.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.16

You are in the process of setting up a constraint that prohibits update to an extensible flexfield in a fulfillment line if Ship From Warehouse is X and the fulfillment line is booked. You are able to see the extensible flexfield on the quot;Manage Constraint Entitiesquot; page but not on the quot;Manage

Processing Constraintsquot; page. What could be the reason?

  1. The quot;generate packagesquot; program was not submitted.

  2. The quot;Publish extensible flexfieldquot; process was not run.

  3. The extensible flexfield is not enabled.

  4. A quot;Record Setquot; needs to be created for the extensible flexfield to be visible on the quot;Manage Processing Constraintsquot; page.

Correct Answer: D


A record set is a group of records that are bound by common attribute values for the purpose of constraint evaluation. You can define conditions and specify a record set to be validated for a given condition as defined by the validation template.

Question No.17

Your company is using Order Management Cloud to capture orders, and has integrated with a legacy inventory application for order fulfillment. A fulfillment request needs to be aggregated and sent to an external inventory application. What step would you perform to aggregate the request?

  1. Create a new custom task by using the Shipment Task Layer.

  2. Create a new custom task by using the Fulfillment Task Layer.

  3. Create a new custom task by using the Supply Task Layer.

  4. Configure a fulfillment task routing rule with aggregation criteria based on time limit or total number of lines.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.18

Which Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence subject area should you use to build an online custom port that shows the number of orchestration orders for a selected orchestration process status?

  1. Distributed Order Orchestration – Order Lines Real Time

  2. Distributed Order Orchestration – Fulfillment Lines Real Time

  3. Distributed Order Orchestration – Process Instances Real Time

  4. Distributed Order Orchestration – Process Instances

Correct Answer: C

Question No.19

Your company has two business units: BU1 and BU2. Each has a warehouse associated with it: W1 and W2, respectively. W1 has transferred the required material to W2 along with an intercompany invoice. On receiving the material, W2 finds that the material has a defect, and decides to scrap it in its warehouse, which is more cost-effective than sending it back to W1. But BU2 wants a credit from BU1 against the invoice amount that is already paid to BU1 because the material was defective and not consumed. What action would you need to take to address this business requirement?

  1. Deselect the check box quot;Physical Material Return Requiredquot; in the Create Financial Orchestration Flow user interface under Financial Orchestration.

  2. Perform Accounting only Return against the transfer order by using the Manage Returns user interface.

  3. Perform a spreadsheet upload of the transfer order of type Accounting only Return from W2 to


  4. Create an accounting rule in the Create Documentation and Accounting Rule user interface under Financial Orchestration.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.20

Which three mandatory setups must be performed so that a purchase request is created for sales orders that will be fulfilled by a drop ship supplier? (Choose three.)

  1. Specify the preparer name in the Order Management parameters.

  2. Select the Customer Sales Order Fulfillment check box under the Procurement offering.

  3. Create a business rule in Supply Chain Orchestration.

  4. Define a sourcing rule of type Buy with a supplier and supplier site.

  5. Select the check box quot;Use Customer sales orderquot; in the Group Requisitions section in the blanket purchase agreement.

Correct Answer: ABC

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