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Question No.31

Which three predefined orchestration groups should you use while assigning an orchestration process to fulfillment lines in process assignment rules? (Choose three.)

  1. Standard

  2. Model / Kit

  3. Order Type

  4. Shipment Set

  5. Order Attribute

Correct Answer: ABD

Question No.32

Which four options apply to the quot;Lead Timequot; mode? (Choose four.)

  1. Lead time can be specified in multiple ways.

  2. The item is promised on the requested date irrespective of availability.

  3. Calendars and transit time constraints are respected.

  4. No supply availability search is performed.

  5. The order promising engine does not generate any pegging.

Correct Answer: ACDE

Question No.33

Your customer has requested that sales order details are sent to his e-mail address. How will Order Management Cloud format the order details in the e-mail?

  1. Order Management will include the order details in an attached Word document.

  2. Order Management will include the order details in an attached PDF (Portable Document Format).

  3. You cannot send order details through an e-mail.

  4. Order Management will include a link to a webpage with order details in the body of the e-mail.

  5. Order Management will include the order details in the body of the e-mail.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.34

Which four order entities are global entities for which only one record for each instance of the entity is stored in the order orchestration and planning data repository? (Choose four.)

  1. Payment terms

  2. Unit of Measure

  3. Currency

  4. Warehouse

  5. Freight carriers

Correct Answer: ABCE

Question No.35

Which two statements describe Net Change Collection? (Choose two.)

  1. Data for the selected entities is replaced in the planning data repository.

  2. It completely refreshes the planning data repository.

  3. Data for the selected entities is deleted from the planning data repository.

  4. It collects only changed data to the planning data repository.

  5. It collects data only incrementally to the planning data repository.

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.36

Your company is importing orders from an e-commerce system where a sales order is created for a laptop. The ship-to-site of the customer determines the type of power cord to be shipped along with the laptop. How will you enrich the sales order during import to append the item number corresponding to the particular model of the power cord?

  1. Create an External Interface Routing Rule.

  2. Create a Compensation Pattern Rule.

  3. Create a Pre Transformation Rule.

  4. Create a Post Transformation Rule.

  5. Create a Product Transformation Rule.

Correct Answer: D


A post transformation rule populates an order attribute after Order Management transforms the item.

Question No.37

In which fulfillment process does a specific sales order demand trigger a supply creation, and a firm link is established between the sales order and the supply?

  1. Consignment order

  2. Internal Transfer

  3. Configure to order

  4. Back-to-back

  5. Drop Ship

Correct Answer: D


The back-to-back fulfillment process is one in which specific sales order demand triggers supply creation, and a link is established between the sales order and the supply.

Question No.38

The order manager in your company likes to monitor order delivery commitments in real time for customers. Identify the Order Management Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) dashboard that can be used to get all possible root causes for orders that are not fulfilled on time.

  1. Fulfillment line in Jeopardy

  2. Orders on Backorder

  3. Orders on Past Due

  4. Orders in Jeopardy

  5. Orders on Hold

Correct Answer: D

Question No.39

What flow is depicted in the diagram below?


  1. Drop Ship

  2. Back-to-back

  3. Configure to order

  4. Consignment order

  5. Internal Transfer

Correct Answer: A

Question No.40

Which change mode takes a snapshot at the stages mentioned below:


When the orchestration process starts


When a change order is received at an orchestration process step

  1. Incremental

  2. Simple

  3. None

  4. Advanced

Correct Answer: A

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