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Question No.41

To connect the Palo Alto Networks firewall toAutoFocus, which setting must be enabled?

  1. Devicegt;Setupgt;Servicesgt;AutoFocus

  2. Devicegt; Setupgt;Management gt;AutoFocus

  3. AutoFocus is enabled by default on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW

  4. Devicegt;Setupgt;WildFiregt;AutoFocus

  5. Devicegt;Setupgt; Managementgt; Logging and Reporting Settings

Correct Answer: B


https://www.paloaltonetworks.com/documentation/71/pan-os/pan-os/getting-started/enable- autofocus-threat-intelligence

Question No.42

Which protection feature is available only in a Zone Protection Profile?

  1. SYN Flood Protection using SYN Flood Cookies

  2. ICMP Flood Protection

  3. Port Scan Protection

  4. UDP Flood Protections

Correct Answer: A

Question No.43

An administratorpushes a new configuration from Panorama to a pair of firewalls that are configured as an active/passive HA pair. Which NGFW receives the configuration from Panorama?

  1. The Passive firewall, which then synchronizes to the active firewall

  2. The active firewall, which then synchronizes to the passive firewall

  3. Both the active and passive firewalls, which then synchronize with each other

  4. Both the active and passive firewalls independently, with no synchronization afterward

Correct Answer: C

Question No.44

Which GlobalProtect Client connect method requires the distribution and use of machine certificates?

  1. User-logon (Always on)

  2. At-boot

  3. On-demand

  4. Pre-logon

Correct Answer: D

Question No.45

The administrator has enabled BGP on a virtual router on the Palo Alto Networks NGFW, but new routes do not seem to be populating the virtual router. Which two options would help the administrator troubleshoot this issue? (Choose two.)

  1. View the System logs and look for the error messages about BGP.

  2. Perform a traffic pcap on the NGFW to see any BGP problems.

  3. View the Runtime Stats and look for problems with BGP configuration.

  4. View the ACC tab to isolate routing issues.

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.46

Which menu item enables a firewall administrator to see details about traffic that is currently active through the NGFW?

  1. App Scope

  2. ACC

  3. Session Browser

  4. System Logs

Correct Answer: C

Question No.47

An administrator has users accessing network resources through Citrix XenApp 7 x. Which User- ID mapping solution will map multiple users who are using Citrix to connect to the network and access resources?

  1. Client Probing

  2. Terminal Services agent

  3. GlobalProtect

  4. Syslog Monitoring

Correct Answer: B

Question No.48

An administrator wants to upgrade an NGFW from PAN-OS庐 7.1. 2 to PAN-OS庐 8.0.2 The firewall is not a part of an HA pair. What needs to be updated first?

  1. XML Agent

  2. Applications and Threats

  3. WildFire

  4. PAN-OS?Upgrade Agent

Correct Answer: B

Question No.49

Which logs enable a firewall administrator to determine whether a session was decrypted?

  1. Correlated Event

  2. Traffic

  3. Decryption

  4. Security Policy

Correct Answer: B

Question No.50

VPN traffic intended for an administrator#39;s Palo Alto Networks NGFW is being maliciously intercepted and retransmitted by the interceptor. When creating a VPN tunnel, which protection profile can be enabled to prevent this malicious behavior?

  1. Zone Protection

  2. DoS Protection

  3. Web Application

  4. Replay

Correct Answer: A

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