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Question No.151

You are the program manager for your organization and are planning the composition of the project team. In your organization resources are used from throughout the company and may serve on more than one project. While you, the program manager, will have most of the authority on the program you want the project managers to have authority over the project decisions. What type of an organizational structure does your organization have?

  1. Strong Matrix

  2. Functional

  3. Weak Matrix

  4. Projectized

Correct Answer: A

Question No.152

You are the program manager for your organization and your team has reported on a new issue among your program stakeholders. You want to address this issue as soon as possible, but it will need to be studied and reviewed. You recommend that Shirley, one of your program team members, study the issue and present a few solutions in a week#39;s time. What else should you do with the issue?

  1. Determine the time and cost of researching the issue for resolution.

  2. Record the issue in the issue log.

  3. Document the issue in the lessons learned.

  4. Communicate with the stakeholders that you are addressing the issue.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.153

Performing quality assurance in a program can result in which one of the following?

  1. Quality control execution

  2. Scope fulfillment

  3. Quality management plan

  4. Change requests

Correct Answer: D

Question No.154

You are the program manager for your organization. This program will last for two years and has eight projects. The cost of your program is $4 million and there are some risk concerns that may affect the overall cost of the program. Management is concerned with how long it will take the program to reach the management horizon. What is management horizon also known as?

  1. Payback period

  2. Cost performance index

  3. Cost-to-benefits ratio

  4. Return on investment

Correct Answer: A

Question No.155

Hal is the program manager for his organization. He would like your organization to provide his program with 4 tons of pea gravel for a construction project in his program. Hal send you a statement of work and an IFB. What document should you provide to Hal?

  1. Invoice

  2. Proposal

  3. Bid

  4. Quote

Correct Answer: C

Question No.156

You are the project manager of a construction project. You have to close a phase of the project. Which is the only technique (or tool) available in the Close Project or Phase process?

  1. Change control meetings

  2. Project management information system

  3. Expert judgment

  4. Observations

Correct Answer: C

Question No.157

You are the program manager of the NQA Program. In this program you#39;re planning which contract types you#39;ll allow into the program and which ones you will not. One contract type you won#39;t accept is the cost plus percentage of cost contract. Which of the following is a valid reason you would not allow this contract type into your program?

  1. The contract type requires the vendor to provide a fee for the time invested and the materials used.

  2. The contract type allows the vendor to change the price of the work he#39;s completed.

  3. The contract type allows is the most dangerous for the buyer.

  4. The contract type requires the vendor to provide a fixed price for the work.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.158

Alice is the project manager of the NHQ Project and is entering the project#39;s closing processes. The project, she has managed, has been for another organization in a contractual relationship. Her organization requires Alice to complete performance reviews of the project team, review the deliverables with the project customer, and to obtain formal signoff of the project deliverables.

There may be other conditions and activities that Alice likely will need to do in this final project phase. Where can Alice check regarding this project?

  1. Project Integration Plan

  2. Project Contract

  3. Project Quality Control procedures

  4. Project Communications Management Plan

Correct Answer: B

Question No.159

Your program has just been chartered during the program initiation process. Your program also needs to create three program statements. Which program statement defines how your program will manage tradeoffs, competing objectives, and program and organization decisions?

  1. Value

  2. Vision

  3. Scope

  4. Mission

Correct Answer: A

Question No.160

Which of the following is not a phase of program life cycle?

  1. Program Initiation

  2. Program Closure

  3. Program Setup

  4. Program Planning

  5. Delivery of Program Benefits

  6. Pre-program Preparation

Correct Answer: D

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