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Question No.171

Your program will create new software and install new hardware for your organization. Some of the goals of the program is to improve employee morale, improve customer service, and boost customer satisfaction. These intangible goals need metrics. What program stakeholder is responsible for quantifying these goals?

  1. Program customer

  2. Program director

  3. Program manager

  4. Business analyst

Correct Answer: C

Question No.172

Hans is the program manager for his organization. His current project has seven constituent projects that each will create deliverables for the organization. Who is responsible for the project deliverables in this scenario?

  1. Project managers

  2. Hans

  3. Program director

  4. Hans and each project manager

Correct Answer: A

Question No.173

What is the primary purpose of a project kick-off meeting?

  1. To establish why the project has been initiated.

  2. To establish the direction and purpose of the project management plan.

  3. To establish the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders.

  4. To establish who the project manager and project sponsor are for the project.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.174

At what point in the project is the risk of failing to achieve the project objectives the greatest?

  1. During project planning

  2. During the project execution

  3. At the project start

  4. At the end of the project

Correct Answer: C

Question No.175

Gina is the program manager for her organization and is reviewing the results of quality control. She would like to create a chart that shows the categories of defects within the program so that she and the program team can address the largest categories in descending order. Which one of the following is the best chart for Gina in this situation?

  1. Cause and effect chart

  2. Pareto chart

  3. Control chart

  4. Ishikawa chart

Correct Answer: B

Question No.176

You are the program manager for your organization. As your program is being initiated there is some initial concern from the management about the utilization of resources in your program and the need for resources in their day-to-day roles in operations. Management has set a limit on your program that resources may only work 20 hours per week on the program. What is this limit of resource hours in a time period known as?

  1. Resource leveling heuristic

  2. Resource requirements

  3. Program risk

  4. Resource utilization

Correct Answer: A

Question No.177

You are the program manager for your organization. You are planning a new program that will construct a new warehouse facility for your company. As you look forward to the conclusion of the program you need an official document that will signify the program has ended. What document should you specify in your program management plan for the conclusion of the program?

  1. Final program audit report

  2. Audit of program financials

  3. Lessons learned documentation

  4. Certificate of program completion

Correct Answer: D

Question No.178

You are the program manager for your organization and are working with your team to create the program scope management plan. This plan defines several things in your program except for which one of the following?

  1. How quality control will be included in the scope

  2. How changes may be allowed to enter the program scope

  3. How the program scope will be created for your program

  4. How the program scope will be controlled

Correct Answer: A

Question No.179

Management is trying to determine which program to initiate. Each of the potential programs has the possibility of creating an income for each it is in existence. Management would like to consider the present value for each year a program creates a return on investment. What program selection method is management using in this instance?

  1. Present value

  2. Internal rate of return

  3. Time value of money

  4. Net present value

    Correct Answer: D

    Question No.180

    You are the program manager for your program and are creating a communications management plan. Management wants you to address the type of communications based on the number of communication channels you#39;ll have within the program. Currently thereare 345 stakeholders in your program but next week you#39;ll have 387 stakeholders. How many more communication channels will you have next week in your program?









    Correct Answer: B

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