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Question No.311

All of the following are benefits of a program except for which one?

  1. The program manager can use the same approach in stakeholder management for all projects in the program.

  2. Resource management in a program allows resources to be shared across all projects in the program.

  3. Projects can operate independently of one another.

  4. All projects follow the policies of the program and organization.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.312

You are the program manager for your organization. You have created a statement of work, request for proposal, and an invitation to a bidder#39;s conference for 17 possible vendors. During the conference there were questions about your request for proposal and statement of work that led to clarifications. After the vendor conference you should update what information to send back to the vendors?

  1. Proposals

  2. Statement of work

  3. Program management plan

  4. Request for bid documents

Correct Answer: B

Question No.313

Rick is a Program Manager for a large construction program. The program contains four projects. Stakeholders have requested for some changes that will change the scope of the program. Rick needs to monitor and control program scope. He is required to analyze thechange request with detailed deliverables, acceptance criterion, and the work of the program. Which of the following documents will help him for this?

  1. Program scope statement

  2. Project charter

  3. Program performance report

  4. Program charter

Correct Answer: A

Question No.314

Robert is the program manager of the NHQ Program. His team has never worked with one another before this program and he is worried about their abilities to become a team in very short order. He would like to create a team development exercise to facilitate this process. Robert will need all of the following information except for which one to facilitate team development?

  1. Training records

  2. Program management plan

  3. Risk management plan

  4. Personnel records

Correct Answer: C

Question No.315

Joan is the program manager for her organization. Throughout the program life cycle there will be several elements, resources, and benefits that can be transitioned from her program to the organization. What document defines how these things can be transferred from the program to the organization?

  1. Program transition agreement

  2. Program scope statement

  3. Operational transfer alliance plan

  4. Program milestone list

Correct Answer: A

Question No.316

You are the program manager of the BHG Program. One of the projects in your program will be using new materials that are somewhat untested. You are worried that there may be delays and waste because the project team is unaware of how to accurately use these materials. You elect to send the people that will be using the new materials through training on how to complete their project work. You also allow them to purchase some of the materials to experiment on their use before the actual project work is to be done. You want to ensure that mistakes do not enter into the project. What type of action have you provided in this scenario?

  1. This is an example of quality assurance.

  2. This is an example of a corrective action.

  3. This is an example of a preventive action.

  4. This is an example of team development.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.317

As a program manager you must also understand the project management lifecycle and the project lifecycle. What is the difference between the two?

  1. The project management lifecycle and the project lifecycle are the same thing.

  2. The project management lifecycle is comprised of the phases initiating, planning,executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. The project lifecycle is comprised of phases that are unique to the project work.

  3. The project management lifecycle is universal to all projects and the project lifecycle is unique to each project.

  4. The project management lifecycle is unique to each project while the project lifecycle is universal to all projects.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.318

You are the program manager for your organization and are working on gathering the requirements for a new solution and mission statement. There are several instances in the stakeholder pool where the stakeholders and their manager are being queried on possible requirements. You worry that the subordinates may have requirements, ideas, and suggestions to offer but they may be not submitting their thoughts because they do not want to contradict their managers. You believe you need a method to gather all requirements without the stakeholders having any fear of retribution. Which one of the following allows you to anonymously gather iterations requirements and still allow for all stakeholders to review what has been submitted in an attempt to find consensus?

  1. Focus groups

  2. Web surveys

  3. Delphi Technique

  4. Workshops

Correct Answer: C

Question No.319

A team member has made a mistake during the installation of a fixture in your program. You have requested that the team member should correct the problem so that the fixture is installed properly. Once the team members has corrected the problem what action should be taken next?

  1. Lesson learned documentation

  2. Defect repair validation

  3. Corrective actions

  4. Preventive actions

Correct Answer: B

Question No.320

Which of the following documents provides the mandate to execute the program within a certain timeline and also presents milestones for the delivery of products or incremental benefits?

  1. Program charter

  2. Program WBS

  3. Program risk register

  4. Program architecture baseline

Correct Answer: A

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