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Question No.321

You are the project manager for your organization and are working with the projectstakeholders and the business analyst to define all of the deliverables the project is to create. The stakeholders would like the option of adding more deliverables later in the project and keeping the requirements somewhat open for changes. You explain to the business analyst that you need a set of requirements that define exactly what needs to be delivered for the project. What document are you trying to create in this early stage of the project?

  1. Project charter

  2. Project scope statement

  3. Requirements technical documentation

  4. Detail design document

Correct Answer: B

Question No.322

What is another term that can be assigned to the pre-program analysis and research to determine if a program should be initiated?

  1. Program charter creation

  2. Feasibility study creation

  3. Business case creation

  4. Program scope statement definition

Correct Answer: B

Question No.323

You are the program manager for your organization and you are trying to determine the possible outcomes of a risk event. You#39;re analyzing the risk event#39;s worst case scenario, most likely scenario, and optimistic scenario to simulate the possible affects of the risk on the program#39;s cost, time, and scope ramifications. What simulation technique are you using in this situation?

  1. Decision tree analysis

  2. Force field analysis

  3. Monte Carlo simulation

  4. Sensitivity analysis

Correct Answer: C

Question No.324

You work as a program manager for a large construction program. Your program includes constructing hotels across the country. You collect information on the status of the program. During comparison with the original plan you find the 200 hotels have been completed as against 275 hotels planned as of today. In which program process are you working on?

  1. Monitor and Control Program Scope

  2. Monitor and Control Program Schedule

  3. Monitor and Control Project Performance

  4. Manage Program Issues

Correct Answer: C

Question No.325

Which of the following program process outputs includes causes of variances from the program management plan, corrective actions taken and their outcomes, risk mitigations, and other information of value to management and stakeholders of future programs?

  1. Supporting details

  2. Program management plan updates

  3. Assumptions

  4. Lessons learned

Correct Answer: D

Question No.326

You are the program manager for your organization. Your program has a budget of $750,000 and is expected to last one year. The program is currently 30 percent complete and has spent

$245,000. The program is supposed to be 40 percent at this time. What is the cost performance index for this program?

A. .83

B. -$20,000 C. .91

D. Negative ten percent

Correct Answer: C

Question No.327

Part of program management is to identify what motivates your program team members. If you subscribe to Maslow#39;s Hierarchy of Needs which need is at the top of the hierarchy?

  1. Esteem

  2. Physiological

  3. Self actualization

  4. Safety

Correct Answer: C

Question No.328

Gary is the program manager for his organization. His current program has 432 stakeholders, some of which are external to his organization. He would like to create a chart that identifies each stakeholder#39;s opinion of the program, influence over program decisions, their requirements and affect on program priorities, and other information. What kind of chart should Gary create in this instance?

  1. Resource management chart

  2. Stakeholder analysis chart

  3. RACI chart

  4. Resource breakdown structure

Correct Answer: B

Question No.329

You are the program manager for your organization. You have proposed a program that will cost

$750,000 and will last for four years. Management is concerned with the cost of the program in relation to the return your program will bring. If the rate of return is six percent what is the minimum value your project should return in four years based on the investment of the program?









Correct Answer: B

Question No.330

Kelly#39;s program is slipping on its schedule. Management is worried that the program will be late and this will cost the organization several thousand dollars in fines and penalties. They#39;ve asked Kelly to use a schedule duration compression technique that will help the program finish on time. The technique that Kelly can use, however, should not add costs to the program. What duration compression technique should Kelly use in this instance?

  1. Crash the program

  2. Add lead time to the program

  3. Trim the program scope

  4. Fast track the program

Correct Answer: D

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