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Question No.121

On what should Agile estimates be based?

  1. A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) from each iteration aligned with the project management plan

  2. A disciplined iteration schedule, which improves predictability, combined with reaction to changes

  3. Ball park figures collected from past Agile projects with scopes similar to the current project

  4. Initial resource breakdown based on the available person days in the full project duration

Correct Answer: B

Question No.122

Which tool allows the Product Owner to focus on providing the greatest value and Return on Investment (ROI) to the organization?

  1. Burn up chart

  2. Product Backlog

  3. Affinity estimate

  4. Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Correct Answer: B

Question No.123

What is a high-level representation of the features or themes that are to be delivered in each release?

  1. Release plan

  2. Product roadmap

  3. Iteration plan

  4. Product Backlog

Correct Answer: B

Question No.124

Continuous integration ensures that a product is:

  1. Ready to ship when all features are complete.

  2. Delivered for testing at the end of each day.

  3. Technologically ready to deploy at any time.

  4. Deployed after final business approvals.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.125

A high-performance Agile team:

  1. is fully committed to team success yet respects the prescribed roles and titles of team members.

  2. owns its decisions and commitments and is motivated to succeed at any cost.

  3. is self-organizing, empowered to make decisions, and consensus-driven, with constructive disagreement.

  4. produces a high volume of business value through intensive collaboration and avoidance of conflict.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.126

What is the ideal approach for an Agile project manager to take when considering fractional assignments?

  1. Do nothing, as fractional assignments will not impact project performance.

  2. Allow resources to be assigned to no more than two projects at a time.

  3. Only allow nonessential resources to be fractionally assigned.

  4. Avoid them and have resources assigned to only one project at a time.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.127

Refactoring, as it applies to the practice ofextremeProgramming (XP), refers to:

  1. Restructuring the estimate by applying a higher cost performance index during 鈥渨hat if鈥?analysis.

  2. Modifying the project due to scope changes, resource availability, and cost and schedule variances.

  3. Modifying the cost baseline due to an increased estimate at completion and a negative cost variance.

  4. Restructuring of code so as to improve the code without changing its external behavior.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.128

What are the primary outputs of a release planning session?

  1. Release vision, assumptions, action items, and iteration goals

  2. Prioritized Product Backlog, risks, action items, and release goals

  3. Estimated iteration velocities, risks, action items, and Release Backlog

  4. Risks, action items, dependencies, and Release Backlog

Correct Answer: D

Question No.129

Which three criteria should be looked at when setting iteration length?

  1. Time needed to complete a user story, time needed to build and test the stories, and product team acceptance of the stories

  2. Timeframe in which the stories must be released, the cost to deliver the features to market, and product team acceptance of the stories

  3. Delivering chunks of user-valued functionality, time needed to build and test the stories, and product team acceptance of the stories

  4. Features that categorize the product, the time needed to complete the features, and the cost to deliver the features to market

Correct Answer: B

Question No.130

Which are some of the most important benefits of an Agile team sitting together in a co- located, open environment?

  1. Osmotic communication is reduced; space is used more efficiently; groups work together more effectively, and team dynamics are improved.

  2. Costs are reduced as the need for conference rooms decreases, and the team can keep track of where members are more accurately.

  3. Team members can be held more accountable for their time and effort, and pair programming is easier as people have less distance to move to sit with their partner.

  4. Communication is improved; wait-time and rework are reduced; barriers between groups break down, and groups gain respect for each other professionally.

Correct Answer: D

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