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Question No.41

What do project reports show during the Sprint review meeting?

  1. Estimates compared to the baseline

  2. Actual results to the plan

  3. Return on investment (ROI)

  4. Earned value measurement (EVM)

Correct Answer: C

Question No.42

Retrospectives provide an opportunity for the team to:

  1. Reflect at the end of every iteration and identify improvements that will increase the quality of the product.

  2. Participate in a mandatory meeting to share status updates across the team and to ensure that everyone is on track.

  3. Understand from the management if the project is achieving the Scope, Quality, Cost, and Schedule goals.

  4. Set goals at the beginning of the iteration and identify requirements that can be delivered in that iteration.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.43

When estimating initial velocity, the team should most likely:

  1. Discuss among the team their expectations of how many story points they can address.

  2. Use a Kanban workflow to identify steps and calculate velocity.

  3. Use velocity of past iterations or make a calculated guess.

  4. Discuss with the customer their expectation for the velocity of producing the product.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.44

In a Lean project environment, visual controls:

  1. Can be used by management for communicating specific corrective direction.

  2. Are easy to use, reflect the team#39;s progress, and show the team what to do next.

  3. Are helpful while the team is forming but are less important for more experienced teams.

  4. Should be kept to a minimum to avoid distracting the team from high-value activities.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.45

What is used to provide a simple medium for gathering basic information about stories, recording high-level requirements, developing work estimates, and defining acceptance tests?

  1. Story card

  2. Burndown chart

  3. Retrospective

  4. Storyboard

Correct Answer: A

Question No.46

During the daily standup meeting, a team member states that an issue has been encountered.This leads to the team members getting into a problem-solving discussion.How should the ScrumMaster respond?

  1. Ask the team members to table the discussion until after the meeting is over.

  2. If the item is really important, allow the discussion to expedite resolution of the issue.

  3. Abruptly end the daily standup meeting and schedule another meeting to discuss the issue.

  4. Ask the team how they would like to use the daily standup meeting for that day.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.47

What is one of the benefits of incremental delivery?

  1. Value is delivered more quickly, as software can be released after every iteration.

  2. More customers can be handled simultaneously, as each regularly receives a delivery.

  3. Fewer bugs are introduced, as code is delivered to users more frequently.

  4. Costs are reduced, as less verification is required to regression test each iteration.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.48

eXtreme Programming (XP) teams strive to avoid:

  1. Incremental design and architecture.

  2. Pair programming.

  3. Manual regression testing.

  4. Test-Driven Development (TDD).

Correct Answer: C

Question No.49

Based on the following figure, during Iteration 5, there was an increase in story point value (shown on the graph); however, the team completed all of the work it promised to deliver in the

iteration and existing estimates were not changed.From this information, one can inferthat:


  1. Work was removed from the Product Backlog.

  2. Work was added to the Product Backlog.

  3. The team#39;s velocity increased.

  4. The team#39;s velocity decreased.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.50

What key benefits might stakeholders realize from an Agile approach?

  1. The ability to bypass the change-management process, inserting new requirements and changes directly into the team as they meet daily

  2. The early and continuous delivery of valuable software, providing increased visibility and the opportunity for more frequent adjustments

  3. Increased access to the project and less reliance on formal reports and status meetings to better understand the current work and the risks the team is accepting

  4. The team#39;s flexibility to make changes mid-iteration as business needs or priorities change, increasing the ability of the team to meet project commitments

Correct Answer: B

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