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Question No.11


Define User Adoption

Correct Answer:

User adoption means gaining the trust of users to use the system on a regular basis as intended.


They will feel that they want to use the system instead of being forced to use it.

Question No.12


Describe Apex

Correct Answer:

  1. Apex is a procedural scripting language executed byfoix-e.com.

  2. It uses a Java-like syntax, acts like database stored procedures.

  3. It runs natively on sales force servers, more powerful and faster than non-server code.

  4. It adds business logic to most system events – button clicks, related record updates, s-control displays, data loads

Question No.13


Describe data quot;scrubbingquot;:

Correct Answer:

Scrubbing is a processed used to help identify dirty data.


The process removes formatting (like in a phone number) to line up data to check for duplicates or bad data.

Question No.14


Describe how administrators can examine what configuration changes have been made:

Correct Answer:

  1. Through the audit trail (at Setup | Security Controls).

  2. It will show the 20 most; recent setup changes, you can download a complete history for the last 180 days

  3. There are over three dozen items tracked (see quot;Monitoring Setup Changesquot; in help)

  4. Alternatively, you might use Dream factory#39;s Snapshot or other Metadata API-based tools.

Question No.15


Describe how can you use Excel Connector in conjunction with custom reports to get the data you want?

Correct Answer:

  1. Run the report from Excel using Connect for Office, then

  2. Use the Excel Connector to manipulate and update data

Question No.16


Describe some features within web services.

Correct Answer:

  1. 30 operations (methods) supported

  2. Numerous entities (objects) supported

  3. SOQL (S force Object Query Language)

  4. SOSL (S force Object Search Language)

Question No.17


Describe some feedback mechanisms that can help drive quot;relentless incrementalismquot;:

Correct Answer:

  1. Send out user surveys

  2. Use blind surveys

  3. Create a user group or committee

  4. Tap into exec committees for recommendations

  5. Use face-to-face interviews

  6. Use Sales force (Ideas, Pollzter, Click Tools).

Question No.18


Describe some results of a sharing model that is too public.

Correct Answer:

There is a lot of dirty data. Data can easily be stolen.

Question No.19


Describe some techniques for motivating users:

Correct Answer:

  1. Gel executive sponsorship (including having them use it in meetings)

  2. Win over sales personnel

  3. Identify power users and evangelists

  4. Create motivations everywhere, both inside and outside the system

  5. Use both marketing messages and the app itself as drivers

Question No.20


Describe some techniques for winning over sales teams?

Correct Answer:

  1. Know the audience and realize that the driver for sales users is making their n umbel#39;s

  2. Ask to sec planners, notes, etc, and notice what is different between high and low performers

  3. Examine what they want to track

  4. Encourage a vision of the left hand knowing what the right is doing

  5. First step is usually to make information tracking easy by consolidating all in one place

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