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Question No.201

Which would you not find under Setup/Develop?

  1. Apps

  2. Apex Classes

  3. API

  4. S-Controls

Correct Answer: A

Question No.202

Who are the three types of users that can grant Sharing privileges on a given record? Select all that apply.

  1. Owner

  2. Anyone higher in the role hierarchy

  3. Systems admin

  4. Group Members

  5. Executives

Correct Answer: ABC

Question No.203


Why are 2 important reasons for admins to check the size of a data set on a mobile configuration before activating it.

Correct Answer:

  1. To make sure that performance on the mobile device won#39;t be severely impacted

  2. To ensure the data will not be over the max limit set by administrator

Question No.204


Why is it important to allow regions to choose their field labels and pick list values?

Correct Answer:

To get regional buy-in, language translation helps to cut down any confusion or discrepancy.

Question No.205


Why is the quot;Myquot; versus quot;All#39; #39; reporting critical to successful global adoption?

Correct Answer:

To create as few reports as possible.

The quot;myquot; feature automatically limits reports to show each individual users#39; information. This safes the effort of creating individual reports for each user,then further modified by localization, etc.

Question No.206

Why might it be necessary to override buttons that you remove from the page layout?

  1. To preserve screen real estate

  2. Buttons can#39;t be removed

  3. To prevent users from using hot keys or keyboard shortcuts to access the function of the button

Correct Answer: C

Question No.207

When requesting a log analysis for Sales force#39;s information Security department, an administrator will NOT get it.

  1. An encrypted version of the log file.

  2. the User ID of the person being investigated,

  3. coaching on how to create the actual view of information

  4. the password to decrypt the log file in the same document as the log file.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.208

How does an administrator create an opportunity business process that by passes a sales representative#39;s immediate manager and goes directly to the CEO for approval when a deal is worth more than 1 Million dollars?

  1. Create a workflow rule with a field update that sets the sales representative#39;s immediate manager to be the CEO if the deal is larger than 1 million dollars.

  2. Create an approval process that skips to the CEO approval step if the deal is gt; $1 million

  3. Create a workflow rule with a tome-based trigger that alerts the CEO if a 1 million dollar deal has not been updated within 2 days.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.209

Which technology is useful for Visual force controller developers to have experience with? Choose 2.

  1. Java

  2. HTML

  3. Java Script

  4. Java Server Pages

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.210

If a primary object on a custom report type is a custom object, what happens if the custom object is deleted?

  1. The custom report type will be deleted.

  2. The custom report type will not be deleted.

  3. The custom report type and any reports created from it will be automatically deleted.

  4. The custom report type will be deleted but any reports created from it will remain available.

Correct Answer: C

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