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Question No.361

Employees in an organization with Salesforce who do not have a Salesforce license can join Chatter.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No.362


A UK user creates a task on a lead for an Indian user for 24/07/2012. The reminder for the task is scheduled for13:00 on 24/07/2012.The difference between UK time amp; India time is 4.5 hours.

When the India user logs in, he will see the reminder scheduled for 13:00 or 17:30?

Answer: 17:30

Question No.363


A user has the System Administrator profile amp; hence has the `Create#39; permission on Campaign. But when the user goes to the Campaign tab, the user cannot see the `New#39; button for creating a new Campaign. What could be the reason?


On the user detail page, the checkbox for 鈥楳arketing User鈥?is unchecked. A user has to be a Marketing User to be able to create a campaign.

Question No.364

Which of these can be cloned?

  1. Workflow rule

  2. Approval process

  3. Both of above

  4. None of above

Answer: C

Question No.365


Upon doing which operations on a file, does a user own a file in Chatter?


You own a file in Chatter when you:

  1. Upload the file on the Files tab.

  2. Attach the file to a feed in Chatter.

  3. Upload (i.e. contribute) the file in Salesforce CRM Content. You own the files you upload or contribute.

Question No.366

Which of these operations on a file in Chatter leads to the generation of a private file?

  1. Upload the file on the Files tab

  2. Attach the file to a feed in Chatter

  3. Upload (i.e. contribute) the file in Salesforce CRM Content personal library.

  4. None of the above

Answer: AC

Question No.367


Which elements can be stored in folders?

Answer: Reports, dashboards, documents

Question No.368


Which objects are available while importing data using the import wizard?

Answer: Lead, Account, Contact, Solution, custom objects

Question No.369


What is running user in a dashboard?


Reports have only #39;Reports Folder#39; to decide who can view the reports in that folder. Dashboards have #39;Dashboard Folder#39; as well as #39;Running User#39; to decide who can view the dashboards in that #39;Dashboard Folder#39;. Each dashboard has a running user, whose security settings determine which data to display in a dashboard.

To select the running user for a dashboard:

  1. Edit a dashboard.

  2. In the View dashboard as field, enter a running user. Enter 鈥?鈥?to see all available

Question No.370


For which objects quick create is available?

Answer: Lead, account, contact, forecast, opportunity

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