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Question No.371


What is the drawback of loading leads/cases using the Apex Data Loader as compared to creating them from the UI?


When leads/cases are loaded using the Apex Data Loader, there is no provision for providing 鈥榯rue鈥?value for the 鈥楢ssign using active assignment rule鈥?checkbox. So the leads/cases always get assigned to the user who is doing the data load operation.

Question No.372


How to find out if SFDC environment uses packages?

Answer: Go to Setup gt; Create gt; Packages

Question No.373

While converting a lead

  1. The update trigger of lead will fire

  2. The delete trigger of lead will fire

  3. Both update trigger amp; delete t rigger of lead will fire

  4. Neither update trigger nor delete trigger of lead will fire

Answer: D

Question No.374

Which of the following is not standard salesforce.com functionality?

  1. Email to lead

  2. Email to case

  3. Web to lead

  4. Web to case

Answer: A

Question No.375


How many maximum cross object formula fields are allowed in an object?

Answer: Ten

Question No.376

If multiple active approval processes exist on Account amp; an account record submitted for approval meets the entry criteria of multiple approval processes, then it cannot be guaranteed which approval process the record will enter.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No.377


What is Salesforce to Salesforce?


Salesforce to Salesforce allows you to share records with business partners that use salesforce.com.

Question No.378


From where would you add the Default Account Team?


From Setup gt; My Personal Information gt; Personal Information gt; Default Account Team related list

Question No.379


What are details of order of execution among validation rules, auto-response rules, assignment rules, triggers, escalation rules, workflow rules etc.?


  1. System validation rules are executed like data type checking of the field values. So error for text value in numeric field etc.

  2. Before triggers execute.

  3. Custom validation rules are executed like required field check validation rule. So in the before trigger you can assign value to any such field which was left blank while creating the record amp; the custom validation rule won#39;t give error then.

Question No.380

If a custom app is not created for a client company and a standard app like `Sales#39; is being used by the client company, then the client company logo cannot be added to the app.

  1. True

  2. False

    Answer: B


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