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Question No.11

An administrator has deployed Distributed Firewall to protect their infrastructure from security threats. Due to extreme loads on the network the CPU is saturated and the memory becomes full. In this scenario, which mode does the Distributed Firewall enter?

  1. Secondary

  2. Fail open

  3. Proxy

  4. Fail close

Correct Answer: B

Question No.12

What does a Layer 3 VPN service, which is used by a remote client, use to leverage SSL tunnels to securely connect to private networks behind an Edge Gateway?

  1. SSL VPN-Edge services

  2. SSL VPN-Gateway services

  3. SSL VPN-Core services

  4. SSL VPN-Core services

Correct Answer: A

Question No.13

What are three critical demands that lead the way for the evolution of a networking model against the traditional legacy model? (Choose three.)

  1. Need for flexible movement of workloads within and across data centers

  2. Cost effectiveness.

  3. Decentralization of recourse management

  4. Decentralization of recourse management

  5. Decentralization of recourse management

Correct Answer: BDE

Question No.14

Which internet security protocol does NSX Edge use to interoperate with all major VPN vendors#39; equipment?

  1. TLS

  2. TCP/IP

  3. HTTPS

  4. IPSec

Correct Answer: D

Question No.15

In a Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) that has a distributed firewall, where are the firewall policies enforced?

  1. Guest operating system

  2. Uplink ports

  3. Virtual machine#39;s virtual interface

  4. Host

Correct Answer: D

Question No.16

Which cloud environments are automated with the help of VMware NSX? (Choose two)

  1. Intranet Cloud

  2. Public Cloud

  3. Private Cloud

  4. Developer Cloud

  5. Multi-Tenant Infrastructure

Correct Answer: DE

Question No.17

How does Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) facilitate easy provisioning and management of the underlying physical resources?

  1. Organizes physical resources into logical pools.

  2. Calculate the number of users.

  3. Organizes physical resources into clusters

  4. Uses predetermined policies and rules.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.18

An administrator decides to implement logical switching to establish connectivity between virtual machines that reside on the same host Which layer is used by logical switching to provide this connectivity?

  1. Layer 4

  2. Layer 5

  3. Layer 3

  4. Layer 2

Correct Answer: D

Question No.19

Which component of VMware Horizon acts as a broker for client connections, providing authentication to users and directing incoming desktop requests from users to View virtualized desktops?

  1. View Client

  2. View Administrator

  3. View Composer

  4. View Connection Server

Correct Answer: D

Question No.20

How can the legacy physical network be simple, stable and reliable when network abstraction is implemented?

  1. By leveraging the existing physical devices without configuration changes

  2. By automating services for provisioning new services.

  3. By configuring new VLANs.

  4. By integrating third-party devices with the existing infrastructure.

Correct Answer: A

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