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Question No.51

A vSphere administrator has been tasked with enabling upstream failure detection for networking in an environment that does not support link state tracking. Which statement is a VMware- recommended option?

  1. Satisfy prerequisites and enable Beacon probing.

  2. Enable Explicit failover order and ensure Failback is selected.

  3. Enable Explicit failover order and ensure Notify Switches is selected.

  4. Configure a port-channel with LACP.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.52

What load balancing appliance does VMware recommended for deploying a vRealize Log Insight cluster?

  1. F5 Big-IP

  2. Citrix NetScaler

  3. VMware NSX Load Balancer

  4. Integrated Load Balancer

Correct Answer: D

Question No.53

Which two options does VM Monitoring use to determine if a virtual machine should be reset? (Choose two.)

  1. I/O activity from the virtual machine

  2. CPU activity from the virtual machine

  3. Network activity from the virtual machine

  4. Heartbeats from VMware Tools

Correct Answer: AD

Question No.54

When trying to export the vApp to the OVF, the option is grayed out. What solution allows for the export of a vApp?

  1. The vApp is marked as Non-Exportable.

  2. Logout of the vSphere Client and use the vSphere WebClient.

  3. Change the portgroup where the VMs are connected to.

  4. PowerOff the vApp.

Correct Answer: D



Question No.55

A vSphere administrator wants to migrate a virtual machine with vMotion from one node to another in the same cluster, but when the destination server is specified, an error message is displayed. What might be wrong? (Choose two.)

  1. The destination host does not have access to the shared datastore.

  2. The hosts are licensed for vSphere Essentials Plus.

  3. The cluster is configured for EVC and the hosts are of the same processor family.

  4. The hosts have a dedicated vMotion VMKernel interface configured.

  5. The source host is not licensed for vMotion.

Correct Answer: AD

Question No.56

Which two resource types can be limited on the vApp level? (Choose two.)

  1. Network

  2. CPU

  3. Storage

  4. Memory

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.57

What three steps are necessary to enable Jumbo Frames for use with an iSCSI storage array? (Choose three.)

  1. Configure the MTU on the VMKernel port.

  2. Configure the MTU on the virtual switch.

  3. Configure the MTU on the physical switch.

  4. Configure the MTU on the LAG group.

  5. Configure the MTU on the VTEP.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question No.58

Which statement describes a vApp?

  1. It is a container, like a resource pool which can contain one or more virtual machines.

  2. It is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications.

  3. It is a file format that supports the exchange of virtual appliances across products and platforms.

  4. It is a master copy of virtual machines that allows creation of ready-for -use virtual machines.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.59

What are two valid methods to deploy an OVF template which consists of two or more VMs? (Choose two.)

  1. Deploy on the VMware vSphere Hypervisor.

  2. Deploy on a vSphere DRS enabled cluster.

  3. Deploy on a vSphere HA enabled cluster.

  4. Deploy on the standalone host connected to vCenter Server.

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.60

What is required to create a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.)

  1. vSphere Enterprise Plus licensing is required.

  2. Login to the ESXi Host with the Root account.

  3. A minimum of two physical uplinks is required.

  4. The host is added to a vCenter Server.

Correct Answer: AD


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