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Question No.11

A customer would like to implement Horizon 7 using Unified Access Gateway for external access. Referring to the exhibit, which two architectural considerations are required? (Choose two.)


  1. SSL Offloading or Bridging

  2. One-to-one mapping of Unified Access Gateways and Horizon View Connection Servers

  3. Session Affinity Options

  4. DNS Lookup in the DMZ

  5. Unified Access Gateway Pairing to Horizon View Connection Servers

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.12

Which three options need to be considered when implementing multiple vCenter Server in App Volumes 2.x? (Choose three.)

  1. Datastore names must be unique.

  2. Each vCenter must use the same credentials.

  3. Host names must be unique.

  4. Portgroups must be unique.

  5. Each vCenter must support Cross vCenter VMotion.

Correct Answer: ABE

Question No.13

A company is implementing VMware Horizon View 7 solution. It has created four 500 linked-clone desktop pools to be used by different departments and workers. The company#39;s VDI administrator noticed that Horizon View Composer is showing in error state on the View Admin Web Console. During restart of the Composer service, the service failed to start up again. A decision was made to migrate View Composer to a new server and preserve the linked-clone information. What three steps are requires for the migration? (Choose three.)

  1. Install View Connection Server on the new machine.

  2. Create a new SQL database

  3. Migrate the RSA key constrainer.

  4. Configure Horizon View Composer to point to the existing SQL database.

  5. Install the VMware Horizon View Composer service.

Correct Answer: ABC

Question No.14

An architect is asked to review a company#39;s plans to implement ThinApp packaged applications to its non-persistent Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The applications must be assigned to users and not individual VDI desktops. All ThinApp packages are already available on a network share. Which two options can the architect recommend to meet requirements? (Choose two.)

  1. Using Microsoft Active Directory and Group Policy Objects, deploy the ThinApp MSI file upon login of the users.

  2. In the Horizon Administration console, add the network share with the ThinApp packages. Entitle ThinApp packages using the Horizon Administration console.

  3. Copy the Thinapped MSI to an App Volumes App Stack and assign the application via Active Directory.

  4. Using thinreg.exe, add ThinApp packages registration and use the PermittedGroups option for the identified user groups.

  5. Implement VMware Identity Manager, install the VMware Identity Manager for Windows on all VDI desktops and entitle the ThinApp packages using VMware Identity Manager.

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.15

The IT team for a regional healthcare company wants to provide several applications to iOS and Android tablets and smartphones as well as Mac and Windows laptops using VMware products. It wants to minimize Windows desktop operating system licensing and support costs. Which meets the requirements?

  1. Use Horizon Linked Clones with Writable Volumes.

  2. Use Horizon RDS with application pools.

  3. Use Horizon RDS with Writable Volumes.

  4. Use Horizon Instant Clones with App Volumes.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.16

An architect is designing a solution for a customer who plans to grow its VDI environment. The design must allow for scaling of the environment in incremental steps with predictable results. Which can the architect recommend for capacity management?

  1. Design using a pod and block architecture and verify the capacity of the configured block. Add as blocks needed.

  2. Design the environment around traditional all-flash SAN to ensure that there are no scaling issues.

  3. Design the environment using vSAN ready nodes. Add more nodes as needed.

  4. Design using servers that can accept 768GB of RAM so that there are no scaling issues.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.17

An architect is deploying Horizon 7.0 on vSAN 6.2. The architect wants to take advantage of the erasure coding feature to save disk space. Each host contains 4TB of capacity flash disk. The desktop base image has 2GB of RAM and a 40GB C: drive. The cluster must support 200 concurrent users. Which two configurations satisfy requirements? (Choose two.)

  1. 4-host cluster, FTT=2

  2. 5-host cluster, FTT=2

  3. 6-host cluster, FTT=2

  4. 3-host cluster, FTT=1

  5. 4-host cluster, FTT=1

Correct Answer: CE

Question No.18

A customer is deploying a small Horizon View environment. It wants to minimize the number of connection servers required for the architecture while minimizing single points of failure and simplifying the user experience. Which remote access method would accomplish this?

  1. Security Servers

  2. NSX load balancing

  3. VPN Tunnel

  4. Unified Access Gateway

Correct Answer: D

Question No.19

Which is a design decision when architecting a Workspace One on-premise implementation

supporting Mobile Single-Sign On for iOS devices?

  1. Decide what level of trust to use between the Active Directory Kerberos realm and Workspace One#39;s Kerberos realm.

  2. Make sure that the Mobile applications that are planned to be managed by Workspace One support the Kerberos protocol for Single-Sign On.

  3. Decide what namespace will be used by the Workspace One portal. This will be used for end-user access to the portal. Decide which domain is to be used as the Kerberos realm.

  4. Decide the namespace to be used by the Workspace One portal. The domain chosen will also be your Kerberos realm.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.20

A company had a security breach which resulted in stolen data. The CIO has mandated that the security team implement a data leak prevention mechanism and better control over how data is accessed and distributed. Which technology will prevent users from copying data from their Horizon View virtual desktop to their local endpoint when they are connected outside the corporate LAN?

  1. Identity Manager

  2. User Environment Manager

  3. App Volumes

  4. Unified Access Gateway

Correct Answer: D

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