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Question No.41

An architect is designing Active Directory (AD) permissions for a Horizon environment that will use pre-existing computer accounts. The AD Security Team has restrictions about the use of service accounts. What two sets of minimum permission are needed to delegate to an AD service account? (Choose two.)

  1. Create Computer Objects, Delete Computer Objects

  2. List Contents, Read All Properties

  3. Read Permissions, Reset Password

  4. Write Permissions, Change Password

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.42


Match the customer issue with a VMware Horizon View solution.


Correct Answer:


Question No.43

A company is deploying VDI and needs to meet these requirements:



Support a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) strategy Support external contractors


Support access from anywhere


Reduce or eliminate costly desktop and laptop replacement

Which two solutions should an architect recommend? (Choose two.)

  1. Deploy Airwatch.

  2. Leverage Horizon 7 clients.

  3. Deploy Horizon 7 Access Point appliances.

  4. Deploy AppVolumes.

  5. Provide Thin Clients to end-users.

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.44

A customer is looking to implement a VMware solution with these requirements:



Support for 200 call center employees on a single 8-hour shift Application access through physical Windows 7 desktops


Restrict access to only these applications: Google Chrome, FileZilla (an open source FTP application), and a custom in-house client-server call center application

An architect is tasked with determining the lowest cost license solution that will meet the customer#39;s requirements.

Which solution should the architect choose?

  1. 600 concurrent licenses of Horizon 7

  2. 200 named licenses of Horizon 7

  3. 200 concurrent licenses of Horizon 7

  4. 600 named licenses of Horizon 7

Correct Answer: A

Question No.45

Company M recently acquired Company T. All Company M employees work in the same office building. Company T has multiple buildings. Company T uses a single domain Active Directory (AD) structure as shown in the exhibit. They place end users in one of several AD groups in an OU based on the floor of the building where that user#39;s office is located. Over the next six months, the IT team will be adding AD groups and user accounts for Company T employees.


The IT team decided to implement VMware Horizon and deploy all end user applications using Horizon RDS application pools. All users need access to all Horizon RDS applications.

After creating the Horizon RDS application pools, what task should the IT team perform to enable users access the applications with the least administrative effort?

  1. Entitle each AD group to the Horizon RDS application pools.

  2. Entitle each RDS Host to the Horizon RDS application pools.

  3. Entitle the AD domain to the Horizon RDS application pools.

  4. Entitle each OU to the Horizon RDS application pools.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.46

During recent SQL server maintenance, an issue was reported where some users were unable to access some of their assigned applications within the VDI environment. All users report being able to still connect to their instant clone desktops. Which condition might account for the outage?

  1. vCenter server is configured to use the SQL database which was down.

  2. App Volumes Manager Server is configured to use the SQL database which was down.

  3. View Connection Server is configured to use the SQL database which was down.

  4. Composer server is configured to use the SQL database which was down.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.47

The IT team at a small government organization wants to deploy Windows RDS desktops to their end users. They want the end users#39; profile and application customization setting preserved.

They also want to deploy applications using VMware App Volumes. What should be implemented to meet requirements?

  1. Use Horizon instant clone RDS hosts with User Environment Manager.

  2. Use Horizon linked clone RDS hosts with VMware FLEX.

  3. Use Horizon instant clone RDS hosts with App Volumes Writable volumes.

  4. Use Horizon linked clone RDS hosts with user persistent disks.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.48

When determining the number, type, and size of Horizon View components to be installed, which three pieces of information must an architect know? (Choose three.)

  1. Number of concurrent users who will connect to the environment.

  2. Type of client that will be used by the users.

  3. Version of Windows that will be used for the virtual desktops

  4. Type of desktop pools that will be provisioned.

  5. Maintenance windows and availability requirements for the environment.

Correct Answer: BCD

Question No.49


A company has several applications that are being moved to a Horizon environment. An architect has been given several application types and is designing an environment to accommodate all of the applications.

List of applications:


WebSeller – a cloud-based application that is single sign-on capable.


SalesCalc – a Windows application that needs a very old version of Java and needs to be accessed offline.


AppOffice – a group of Windows based application that needs to be deployed together to an


existing View linked clone desktop pool for the remote sales team. RelationCRM – a server-based application that is currently accessed via RDP.

Match each application with its appropriate deployment method.


Correct Answer:


Question No.50

A customer wants to deploy VMware Horizon View to support virtual desktops hosted in two

different physical locations and wants users to connect to the location nearest them to start a session. Which three steps must be completed to enable this functionality? (Choose three.)

  1. Initialize Microsoft DFS.

  2. Configure Global Entitlements.

  3. Configure two View Pods.

  4. Configure one View Pod spanning two sites.

  5. Configure two event logging databases.

  6. Initialize the Cloud-Pod Federation.

Correct Answer: BCE

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