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Question No.51

The finance group in a company has asked for a new application to be made available to all of the members of the finance department. The application is currently installed on all the finance desktops, but will be moving to a cloud-hosted model. What solution should the IT administrator use to manage access to the new application?

  1. Package the application using ThinApp and deploy to the finance department.

  2. Manage the application with VMware Identity Manager.

  3. Assign the new application to the finance department using App Volumes.

  4. Deploy each user a new cloud based virtual desktop.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.52

A customer is looking to implement Horizon View Windows desktops for a 500-seat call center operating under these conditions:


Three 8-hout shifts


First and second shifts are 100% staffed


Third shift operates with reduced staffing of only 200 representatives

Management is frustrated by the lack of productivity that occurs during shift changeover. Logoff and logon processes take in excess of 5 minutes.

The customer has asked an architect to recommend the most cost-effective configuration that provides the shortest possible amount of downtime between shifts.

Which two should the architect choose? (Choose two.)

  1. Deploy named user licenses.

  2. Create an instant clone pool.

  3. Create a full clone pool.

  4. Deploy concurrent licenses.

  5. Capture Windows applications as a Thin App.

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.53

Which protocol set is used to access physical workstations with high-end 3D graphics cards?

  1. Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP, RGS

  2. Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RDP

  3. Blast Extreme, PCoIP

  4. Blast Extreme, PCoIP, RGS

Correct Answer: C

Question No.54

A company has decided to implement Workspace One on premise.


Workspace One portal will be used by end users to simplify access to web, mobile and Windows based applications.



As part of the solution, the company is planning on using Horizon 7 Application Publishing. Published Applications will be used for applications frequently used by mobile users.

During a proof of concept (POC), users noted that it was too cumbersome to enter Active Directory username and password and RSA SecureID using mobile devices.

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) stated:


Multi-factor is a requirement for a subset of the applications.


End-users must have as seamless as possible authentication using mobile devices. Which solution can satisfy the CSO#39;s requirements?

  1. Implement VMware Identity Manager with Mobile SSO. Configure Access Policies to require RSA SecureID authentication for the subset of applications and implement TrueSSO in Horizon.

  2. Implement VMware Identity Manager with VMware Verify for easy authentication. Since VMware Verify offers two factors no extra access policies is needed.

  3. Implement VMware Identity Manager with Mobile SSO. Configure Access Policies to require VMware Verify authentication for the subset of applications and implement TrueSSO in Horizon.

  4. Implement VMware Identity Manager with SSO. Configure Access Policies to require VMware Verify authentication for the subset of applications.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.55

A cloud pod architecture has been proposed for a customer with two data centers available in two cities 1700 Miles apart. The data centers are connected using WAN links with sophisticated security requirements and firewall rules. A WAN maintenance vendor has been contacted to add exceptions to meet cloud pod architecture requirements. The number of ports to be opened to enable datacenter to datacenter communication should stay at a minimum number. Which two communication ports are required by the WAN maintenance vendor? (Choose two.)













Correct Answer: AD

Question No.56

Which should NOT be changed or disabled on a connection server?

  1. Diagnostic System Host

  2. Remote Procedure Call

  3. Security Center

  4. WLAN AutoConfig

Correct Answer: D

Question No.57

The architect of a company is asked to design a single VMware View Pod/Block without a single point of failure component. Which component offers the lowest availability?

  1. Horizon View Connection Server

  2. Horizon View Composer

  3. vCenter Server

  4. Horizon View Security Server

Correct Answer: A

Question No.58

A university struggles with Windows application delivery for its students. Students only need a few applications, but since IT is not in control of the Windows versions on the endpoints, it has been a challenge. IT wants to allow for self-service to minimize administration. Despite self- service, IT must be able to revoke access to applications within 30 days from students leaving the University. Which two solutions support the university#39;s requirements? (Choose two.)

  1. Implement Horizon with Application Publishing and User Environment Manager to control access to individual applications.

  2. Package the applications using ThinApp and present the packages to users using VMware Identity Manager.

  3. Implement Horizon with Application Publishing and present entitlements using VMware Identity Manager.

  4. Use ThinApp to package the applications for client Operating System independence and build a simple web portal allowing students to easily find and download the ThinApp packages.

  5. Implement only VMware Identity Manager. Its portal is a complete applications solution and students can easily execute the Windows applications by only using a web browser.

Correct Answer: AD

Question No.59

A company is using virtual desktops in full done, persistent mode, and using software distribution tools and scripts to deploy and install Windows-based applications. Windows based application deployment failures are mow on the rise and user downtime has increased.

The CIO has asked an architect to recommend a solution which meets these requirements:



Windows applications are to be available for use on iPads, zero clients, and Windows laptops No more use of software distribution tools and scripts to install applications to users#39; virtual



No streaming of applications to virtual desktops

What two changes to the environment should the architect recommended? (Choose two.)

  1. Deploy App Volumes.

  2. Deploy RDSH.

  3. Deploy Identity Manager.

  4. Deploy User Environment Manager.

  5. Deploy non-persistent virtual desktops.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.60

A customer wants to deploy VMware Horizon View to support virtual desktops hosted in two different physical locations. It wants users to connect to the location nearest to them to start a session. Which three steps must be completed to enable this functionality? (Choose three.)

  1. Configure one View Pod spanning two sites.

  2. Initialize the Cloud Pod Federation.

  3. Configure Global Entitlements.

  4. Configure VMware User Environment Manager.

  5. Configure two View Pods.

  6. Configure Microsoft SQL Server Always On High Availability.

Correct Answer: ABD

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