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Question No.71

An architect is asked to analyze poor performance on a Horizon VDI environment and provide recommendations on how to improve the user experience.

The architect documents:


An ESXi cluster of 4 nodes using vSAN



Each node has 128GB of RAM, four 500GB 10K HDD, one 200GB SSD Each desktop is configured with 4GB of RAM and 2vCPUs


Each desktop has a working set of 20 GB


The environment peaks at 150 concurrent desktops in use

What action can the architect recommend?

  1. Add three additional 200GB SSD drives to each of the ESXi hosts.

  2. Add an additional 200GB SSD to each of the ESXi hosts.

  3. Reserve all RAM assigned to the virtual desktops.

  4. Increase the RAM assigned to the virtual desktops.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.72

A customer is deploying Horizon View 7.1 utilizing a Cloud Prod Architecture. The customer wants to utilize 32-node clusters, and a single vCenter at each site to support 9,500 desktops per site. Which two statements about this configuration are true? (Choose two.)

  1. This configuration allows all desktops at a site to be provisioned from a single master image.

  2. This configuration allows multiple pools to be grouped together using global entitlements.

  3. This configuration requires a 64-node cluster per site.

  4. This configuration exceeds the maximum supported size for a View block.

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.73

An architect was asked to design a VMware supported solution which will support 3,000 users connecting to a local single floating desktop pool concurrently. Which Horizon View feature must be incorporated into the architect#39;s design to meet the requirement?

  1. Cloud Pod Architecture

  2. Instant Clones

  3. View Composer

  4. Local Entitlements

Correct Answer: A

Question No.74

A VDI Architect wants to optimize Blast Extreme protocol between 400 Horizon Windows clients and agents on an organization#39;s LAN. No GPO currently makes Horizon settings to these clients or agents. What GPO setting will improve performance of these systems?

  1. Enable H264

  2. Disable UDP Protocol

  3. Enable UDP Protocol

  4. Disable H264

Correct Answer: B

Question No.75

Which ports on a firewall need to be opened to allow client PCoIP traffic to flow from user#39;s endpoints to a Unified Access Gateway appliance?

  1. TCP 4172 and UDP 4172

  2. TCP 443 and TCP 4172

  3. TCP 443 and UDP 4172

  4. TCP 4172 and UDP 443

Correct Answer: B

Question No.76

A company has decided to virtualize all of its helpdesk employee#39;s workstations. These requirements must be met:



All applications used by the employees will be published through RDS hosted application. Users will NOT be allowed to store any personal data on their Horizon desktops.



The Horizon desktop design should meet maximum storage space efficiency. The Horizon desktop design should meet maximum performance.


The Horizon desktop design should meet maximum power savings.

Which three features can be enabled to meet the company#39;s requirements? (Choose three.)

  1. Full clones

  2. Instant clones

  3. Space Efficient disk format (SEsparse)

  4. Content-based read cache (CBRC)

  5. Virtual SAN (vSAN)

Correct Answer: BCD

Question No.77

An architect is working on a physical desktop replacement using Horizon View. The architect gathered this information from the customer:



There are currently 500 physical desktops, all with traditional spinning hard drives. Each desktop peaks at 75 IOPS multiple times during the day.


The average read/write ratio is 30% reads, 70% writes.

The architect decided to size the vSAN cluster to handle the workload using FTT=1 and Fault Tolerance Method of RAID-1.

Using only the information provided, what are the total calculated IOPS required for the vSAN cluster?

  1. 75,000 IOPS

  2. 48,750 IOPS

  3. 63,750 IOPS

  4. 37,500 IOPS

Correct Answer: A

Question No.78

Company A decided to start using GPO to optimize PCoIP across all their Horizon 7 Desktop pools. During the Proof of Concept (POC) on the local network, there were no performance issues. The company decided to move to UAT. Access from the outside network needs to be tested. Some sales staff traveling to overseas countries, where network speed is low, have reported that the screen quality is degraded during usage. Which setting should be recommended to retain screen quality, regardless of a user#39;s connection?

  1. Configure the PCoIP session bandwidth floor value.

  2. Configure PCoIP client image cache size policy.

  3. Turn on Build-to-Lossless feature.

  4. Configure the maximum PCoIP bandwidth session.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.79

During a planning meeting for an upcoming deployment of a Horizon View 7.1 environments, these requirements were identified by an architect:




Separate pools for internal and external connectivity. Applications are not to be installed in the desktop VMs. Application assignments are to be user-based.


No VPN is to be used.

Which three should the architect recommend to meet the requirements? (Choose three.)

  1. Use VMware Horizon View#39;s tagging feature to identify external / internal pools.

  2. Use VMware App Volumes.

  3. Use ThinApp to stream the applications.

  4. Use VMware User Environment Manager to define network subnets that will filter the lists of external / internal desktop pools based on the user#39;s client ip address.

  5. Use VMware NSX and deploy micro-segmentation rules that will filter the lists of external / internal desktop pools based on the user#39;s client ip address.

  6. Use Horizon Security Server.

Correct Answer: ACF

Question No.80

A company wants to deploy Windows 8 Horizon desktops for end users with the following goals:


Fast provisioning



Fast guest customization Minimum storage space


No user profiles on the C: drive

What must be implemented to meet these requirements?

  1. Use Horizon linked clones with persistent disks.

  2. Use Horizon full clones with persistent disks.

  3. Use Horizon full clones with User Environment Manager.

  4. Use Horizon instant clones with User Environment Manager.

Correct Answer: D


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