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Question No.251

The Greek letter quot;sigmaquot; is used by mathematicians to signify .

  1. Curve Width

  2. Numerical Average

  3. Standard Deviation

  4. Data Spread

Correct Answer: C

Question No.252

For a batch manufacturing process, while assessing short term process variation, which variation category(ies) should one need to focus on? (Note:There are 2 correct answers).

  1. Variation within consecutive pieces

  2. Variation among consecutive batches

  3. Variation among groups of pieces

  4. Variation among the completed product

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.253

For her injection molding project a Belt needed to track the percentage of defectives of a particular sample set so she used a to display the data?

  1. Individual Chart

  2. C Chart

  3. Xbar Chart

  4. P Chart

Correct Answer: D

Question No.254

Fractional Factorial designs are used to reduce the because the number of runs has been lowered.

  1. Time and cost of experiments

  2. Number of people involved

  3. Number of data measurement points

  4. Output summary

Correct Answer: A

Question No.255

From this list select the items that define what an X-Y Diagram is. (Note:There are 4 correct answers).

  1. Created for every project

  2. Based on team#39;s collective opinions

  3. Updated whenever a parameter is changed

  4. Used to show each step in a process

  5. A living document throughout project lifecycle

Correct Answer: ABCE

Question No.256

Which item(s) listed would impact the Process Capability for a process with a continuous output? (Note:There are 4 correct answers).

  1. Shape of process data distribution (e.g. Normal Distribution)

  2. Process Technology

  3. Process Standard Deviation

  4. Presence of Special Causes or solely Common Causes

  5. Seasonal variation in process

Correct Answer: ACDE

Question No.257

A Process Map is created in order that a Belt can .

  1. Follow the product to the end

  2. Get the line people#39;s names correct

  3. Capture all the activities comprising the process

  4. Manage the input inventory delivery schedule

    Correct Answer: C

    Question No.258

    With Measurement System Analysis we are concerned with two issues that impact the potential

    variability of the data. They are .

    1. Precision and Accuracy

    2. Reliability and Repeatability

    3. Error and Spread

    4. Sensitivity and Deflection

Correct Answer: A

Question No.259

When a Belt implements an improvement that is automated thus requiring no particular understanding for use he has applied which Lean tool?

  1. Mistake Proofing

  2. Kaizen Event

  3. 5S

  4. None

Correct Answer: A

Question No.260

Using this data calculate the percentage of DPU.









Correct Answer: B

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