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Question No.201

Which of the following statements is true about using crontab and at to execute tasks?

  1. Commands scheduled with crontab are executed by at.

  2. Bothcommands can be used to schedule a weekly task to run for a user.

  3. User access control for both commands can be managed with .deny files in \var/adm/cron.

  4. Both commands preserve the current environment, including the user ID and current working directory

Correct Answer: C

Question No.202

What is the purpose of using relative path names when creating a tar file?

  1. To allow the tar file to be used on Linux systems

  2. To ensure files are always extracted to a specific path

  3. To restore to a raw device name on the destination system

  4. To enable restored files to be extracted to any user-specified location

Correct Answer: D

Question No.203

An administrator changed an NFS mount point to read/write capability by addingthe -rw option in

/etc/exports. Clients are still unable to write to the Network File System. How can this be resolved?

  1. Run the exportfs -a command on the NFS server.

  2. Issue the refresh -g nfs command on the NFS server.

  3. Unmount and mount the NFSfile system on the NFS server.

  4. Use the mount -o rw command on the NFS filesystem on the NFS server.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.204

A system with multiple applications is experiencing bursts of activity. This drives the free pages list very low, resulting in increased wait times for applications. Given the vmstat output below, what can be done to increase the number of free pages to compensate for thesebursts of activity?


  1. Increase the maxpin tunable.

  2. Increase the page space size.

  3. Increase the lru_file_repage setting.

  4. Increase the minfree and maxfree tunables

Correct Answer: D

Question No.205

An administrator plans to migrate an LPAR from one host to another using a mksysb restore. The source system has a mirrored rootvg on two 72GB disks. The destination system has one 72GB disk. Which of the following would allow the mksysb to be restored successfullyon the destination system?

  1. Update the bosinst.data file for the mksysb target_disk_data value for the volume group.

  2. Ensure the option #39;Shrink Filesystems#39; and #39;Use Maps#39; are set to no when restoring the mksysb.

  3. Update the image.data file for themksysb lv_source_disk_list, copies and PP values for each LV.

  4. Update the image.data file for the mksysb and add the attribute mirror=false under logical_volume_policy stanza.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.206

Given the following topas output:


What does the Entc% value represent?

  1. Percentage of Ethernet consumed

  2. Performance statistics for all logical CPUs in the system

  3. Percentage of physical capacity consumed

  4. Percentage of entitled capacity consumed

Correct Answer: D

Question No.207

After recovering the rootvg from a backup, how can an administratordetermine which disks contain the DB2 volume group?


  1. Use the alt_disk_copy command to read the VGDA on the disk.

  2. Use the lspv command to show the logical volumes on the disk.

  3. Use the lqueryvg command to show the logical volumes on the disk.

  4. Use the lsvg command to display the volume group name on the disk

Correct Answer: C

Question No.208

When creating a new user id, an administrator encounters the following error message: aixsystem:/home/root# mkuser newuserid

3004-694 Error adding quot;newuseridquot;: Name is too long.

Running which of the following commands will cause the mkuser newuserid command to

complete successfully?


  1. Option A

  2. Option B

  3. Option C

  4. Option D

Correct Answer: A

Question No.209

Which previously unsupported management feature does HMC V7R760 bring to Power Blade servers?

  1. Dual VIO Servers

  2. Hypervisor Mirroring

  3. N_Port ID Virtualization

  4. Active Memory Sharing

Correct Answer: A

Question No.210

In the graphic below, the LPAR#39;s current physical and virtual processor allocation matches its desired settings How do these settings limit system processor assignment for the LPAR?


  1. The LPAR can increase to 16.00 processing units of capacity in the shared processing pool as needed.

  2. The LPAR will be able to use a maximum of 6.0 processing units of capacity in the shared processing pool.

  3. The LPAR will be able to use a maximum of 4.0 processing units of capacity in the shared processing pool.

  4. The administrator will be allowed to add a maximum of 4.0 additional processing units to the LPAR using DLPAR, making its allocation 6.0 processing units.

Correct Answer: B

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