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Question No.331

Which two statements are true about Oracle network connections? (Choose two.)

  1. A listener may listen on behalf of only one database instance at a time.

  2. A server process checks a user#39;s authentication credentials and creates a session if the credentials are valid.

  3. The listener continuously monitors a connection after the user process connects to a service handler.

  4. The listener always spawns a new server process to deal with each new connection.

  5. A connection request from a client is always first received by a listener running on the port that is used for the connection request for the database server.

    Correct Answer: BE

    Question No.332

    Your database is in NOARCHIVELOG mode. You want to enable archiving for the database.

    Examine the steps:

    1. Execute the ALTER DATABASE ARCHIVELOG command.


    3. Execute STARTUP MOUNT.

    4. Set the DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST parameter to $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/.

    5. Execute STARTUP NOMOUNT.

    6. Open the database.

Identify the required steps in the correct sequence.


4, 2, 5, 1, 6


1, 2, 3, 4, 6


2, 3, 1, 6


2, 5, 1, 6

Correct Answer: C

Question No.333

You want to import the schema objects of the HR user from the development database DEVDB to the production database PRODDB by using Oracle Data Pump. A database link devdb.us.oracle.com is created between PRODDB and DEVDB.

You execute the following command on the PRODDB database server:


What should you do to resolve the error?

  1. Add network_link = devdb.us.oracle.com.

  2. Add the SYSTEM user to the schemas option.

  3. Change the dumpfile option value to schema.dat@devdb.us.oracle.com.

  4. Replace the schemas option with network_1ink = devdb.us.oracle.com.

  5. Replace the dumpfile option with network_1ink = devdb.us.oracle.com.

Correct Answer: E

Question No.334

An application repeatedly accesses small lookup tables, causing a lot of physical I/O operations. What do you recommend to minimize this?

  1. Configure the nonstandard buffer cache with a buffer size greater than the size of the default

    buffer cache.

  2. Increase the size of the shared pool

  3. Configure the KEEP buffer cache and alter the tables to use the KEEP cache.

  4. Configure the RECYCLE buffer cache and alter the tables to use the RECYCLE cache.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.335

Which three functions can be performed by the SQL Tuning Advisor? (Choose three.)

  1. recommending creation of indexes based on SQL workload

  2. recommending restructuring of SQL statements that have suboptimal plans

  3. checking schema objects for missing and state statistics

  4. recommending optimization of materialized views

  5. generating SQL profiles

Correct Answer: BCE

Question No.336

As part of a manual upgrade of your database to Oracle Database 12c, you plan to issue the command:


Which three statements are true about the upgrade process? (Choose three.)

  1. All system triggers are disabled during the upgrade process.

  2. Only queries on fixed views execute without errors until you run the catctl.pl script.

  3. The COMPATIBLE parameter must be set to at least 12.1.0 before issuing the command.

  4. All job queues remain active during the upgrade process.

  5. Only connections AS SYSDBA are allowed during the upgrade process.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question No.337

Examine the command to perform a data pump export operation on a source database:

$gt; expdp hr/hr DIRECTORY=dumpdir DUMPFILE=emp1.dmp VIEWS_AS_TABLE=emp_dept On the target database, you execute the data pump import command:

$gt; impdp hr/hr DIRECTORY=dumpdir DUMPFILE=emp1.dmp VIEWS_AS_TABLE=emp_dept Which three statements are true? (Choose three.)

  1. The expdp operation exports data that satisfies the condition of the defining query used to create the EMP_DEPT view.

  2. The impdp operation creates the view and dependent objects.

  3. All rows from the dependent objects, along with the metadata required to create the EMP_DEPT view, are exported.

  4. Objects dependent on the EMP_DEPT view are exported.

  5. The impdp operation creates EMP_DEPT as table and populates it with the data from the export dump file.

Correct Answer: ADE

Question No.338

Examine the command:


DATAFILE #39;/u01/app/oracle/oradata/orc1/test01.dbf#39; SIZE 5M AUTOEXTEND ON UNIFORM;

Which statement is true?

  1. The data file, TEST01.DBF, can be auto extended to a maximum size of 5M.

  2. The tablespace, TEST1, can contain a maximum of one data file.

  3. Allocated and free extents are tracked using bitmaps.

  4. Segment free space is tracked in the data dictionary.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.339

In your database, archive logging and control file autobackup are enabled.

The data files and redo log files are intact but control files are impacted due to media failure. In which two recovery scenarios must you use the RESETLOGS option? (Choose two.)

  1. One control file copy is intact so the spfile is changed to refer to only one copy.

  2. One control file copy is intact and damaged control file copies have to be restored to the default location.

  3. All copies of the control file are damaged and the CREATE CONTROLFILE statement is executed manually.

  4. All copies of the control file are damaged and the auto backed up control file is used for recovery.

  5. One control file copy is intact and damaged control file copies have to be restored to a non-default location.

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.340

Examine the parameter settings in your local ORCL database:


Examine the parameter settings for the remote SALES database:


As the SYS user, you issue the following command on ORCL:

CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK sales.us.example.com USING `sales1#39;; The sales1 tnsnames entry points to the sales database instance.

Which two are requirements to ensure that you can successfully connect by using this database link? (Choose two.)

  1. The GLOBAL_NAMES initialization parameter should be set to FALSE in the ORCL database.

  2. The SALES1 net service name should be known to both the local and remote databases.

  3. Local database users who use this database link should have accounts and the required privileges in the remote database.

  4. The REMOTE_OS_AUTHENT initialization parameter should be set to FALSE in the remote database.

  5. Only the user creating the database link must have an account and the required privileges in the remote database.

Correct Answer: AC


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