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Question No.301

The SideBar search does not Search the following: Choose 3 answers

  1. Custom Objects

  2. Documents

  3. Products

  4. Reports

  5. Solutions

Correct Answer: BCE

Question No.302

Workflow Tasks are NOT tracked in the Activity History and can be reported on MMM?

  1. True

  2. False

Correct Answer: B

Question No.303

Time-Dependent Workflow ?Maximum Triggers Allowed Per Rule:

  1. Maximum of 10 time triggers per rule

  2. Maximum of 20 time triggers per rule

  3. Maximum of 50 time triggers per rule

Correct Answer: A

Question No.304

Universal Containers would like their sales reps to be able to send branded email invitations to customers for business meetings and to collaborate with customers from a branded Website to find a suitable meeting time. How can an Administrator accomplish this?

  1. Create a custom email template for invitations that displays your compant logo

  2. Add a company logo to meeting requests in Salesforce

  3. Create an external integration with Google calendar using Sites

  4. Enable Chatter to allow reps to Communicate with customers

Correct Answer: B

Question No.305

Which statement is TRUE regarding Dynamic Dashboard:

  1. They show data from the perspective of the logged-in user.

  2. They are automatically created when you create a Custom Object

  3. They perform calculations that standard dashboards cannot

  4. They display the source report as you hover over a dashboard component

Correct Answer: A

Question No.306

Marketing and Sales users at Universal Containers would like more visibility into Lead and Contact participation in this years Trade Show. How would an Administrator build this into the application? Choose 2 answers

  1. Create Cross-object formula fields to display campaign member record details on a lead or a contact record

  2. Alert lead and contact owners with workflow when a prospective customer regsiters for the event

  3. Customize the campaign member related list on the lead or contact object

  4. Create Cross-object formula fields to display lead or contact record details on a campaign member record

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.307

How does an agent submit an article for publishing? Choose 3 answers:

  1. Promote an Answer for consideration

  2. Re-assign an article to the publishing queue

  3. Publish an article to the solution category

  4. Submit an article upon closing a case

  5. Publish at-will, with quot;Manage Articlesquot; profile permission

Correct Answer: ADE

Question No.308

How can Chatter feed for content can be used? Choose 2 answers

  1. To store Chatter posts in content

  2. To share files from a workspace to a feed

  3. To link a workspace to a Chatter from content

  4. To search for files posted to Chatter from content

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.309

Which statement is TRUE regarding dependent lookups? Choose 2 answers:

  1. They can be configured to make fields on related records, depending on data in the source record

  2. They can be configured to limit the records returned by a lookup based on the value of a field on a related record

  3. They can be configured to compare data to external sources to verify that contact and prospect information is up to date.

  4. They can be configured when creating the master-detail or lookup relationships

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.310

Which is a capability of drag-and-drop dashboards? Choose 2 answers:

  1. Drag and Drop a dashboard onto any page in Salesforce

  2. Drag and Drop records onto a dashboard

  3. Drag and Drop reports onto a dashboard as the data source of the component

  4. Drag and Drop chart types onto a dashboard to create a component

Correct Answer: CD

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