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Question No.1

is a procedural scripting language that is written in discrete pieces, uses a syntax that looks like Java and acts like database stored procedures, and arc executed entirely on the Force.com platform.

  1. S-Controls

  2. HTML

  3. PHP

  4. Ajax

  5. Apex

Correct Answer: E

Question No.2

allow developers to completely replace the standard page layouts within the Sales force UI with completely custom pages.

  1. HTML

  2. Apex

  3. S-Controls

  4. Visual force Pages

Correct Answer: D


Visual force pages can incorporate Apex for advanced business logic functionality.

Question No.3

An administrator notices there are too many duplicate records, numerous sharing rules, and a large number of manually shared records. This situation maybe a symptom of …

  1. A role hierarchy that has too few roles

  2. A sharing model that is too public.

  3. A sharing model that is too private.

  4. Object permissions on profiles that are too restrictive.

Correct Answer: C


With a private sharing model, users can#39;t see if records already exist in the system and create new ones that they can see. Also, IT receives many requests for additional access to users as well as users individually sharing records.

Question No.4

An administrator wrote a field update action for a workflow rule on a field that is hidden via Field- Level Security. When the workflow rule triggers, what happens to the data in the hidden field?

  1. The field will fail to update and remain in its original state.

  2. The field is updated, even though it is hidden.

  3. The field will only update if the rule was triggered by a time-based trigger.

  4. The field will only update if the user has quot;Modify All Dataquot; enabled in the profile.

Correct Answer: B


Workflow rules run whether or not the end user is able to see the field.

Question No.5

All of the following tools assist in auditing EXCEPT:

  1. Reports

  2. Field History

  3. Setup Audit Trail

  4. Page Layout

  5. Dream factory Snapshot

Correct Answer: D


Page Layout has nothing to do with auditing. However, you can place some history related list on a page layout to display the historical information.

Question No.6

As an end user what are two things you can do in content?

  1. Read

  2. Edit

  3. Subscribe

  4. Post

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.7

Because Apex runs in a multitenant environment, the Apex runtime engine strictly enforces a number of ensure that runaway scripts do not monopolize shared resources.

  1. Bandwidth limits

  2. API limits

  3. Data storage limits

  4. Governor limits

  5. Mayoral limits

Correct Answer: D


Governor limits help to ensure the stability and performance of each org inside SFDC shared infrastructure.

Question No.8

S-Controls are the (code that can execute) for various (objects that fire events)in the system, such as standard or custom buttons, custom links, inline s-controls, and web tabs.

  1. Hooks, Targets

  2. Targets, Hooks

  3. HTML, Snippets

  4. Snippets, HTML

Correct Answer: B

Question No.9

A company called Universal Containers would like to track bugs within Sales force. The company needs to track the bug#39;s severity and type as well as its status and description. Bugs should be related to Cases, but the bug#39;s owner will be different than the owner of the case. How can the Universal Containers administrator meet these requirements?

  1. Create a section on the case page layout

  2. Create a field on cases

  3. Create a custom object for bugs and relate it to cases

  4. Create a relationship between the standard bug object and the standard case object

Correct Answer: C


The relationship would be established using a look up to the cases object so that independent ownership can be established. It will also allow the related bugs to be visible as a related list on the cases screen.

Question No.10

A company currently uses the standard Sales force product and price hook objects. Is it possible for this company to publish product and price hook information to its corporate Web site so customers in different regions sec the correct product catalog with prices in the local currency?

  1. Yes, with the Customer portal.

  2. No, it is not possible to present multicurrency data.

  3. Yes, by building a custom integration following the X-to-Web design pattern.

  4. No, it is not possible to present data stored in standard objects other than cases and solutions to a Web site.

Correct Answer: C


X-to-web enables any standard or custom object to be published into any website.

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