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Question No.181


When should you consider System Debug Log?

Correct Answer:

Requires View All Data profile permission To see behind-the-scenes details Of Apex

  1. Validation rules

  2. Workflow rules

  3. Approval processes

  4. Assignment rules

  5. Auto-response rules

  6. Escalation rules

Question No.182

When should you use Apex? Select all that apply.

  1. Adding visual elements to the UI

  2. Attaching business logic to a data event (insert, update, delete)

  3. Augment behavior that applies when accessing data through the UI

  4. Have logic that executes regardless of where the event originates (UI/S- Control/Web services API)

  5. Want to process multiple records at the same time

  6. Use classes when coding Apex that will he used by other developers.

Correct Answer: BDEF

Question No.183

When would you use a web application or web control?

  1. When you have a visual force page

  2. When you have a master detail roll-up summary field

  3. When you are integrating with an external system

  4. When you have highly customized UI or business logic functionality that cannot be accommodated by s-controls.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.184


Where are custom buttons NOT available?

Correct Answer:

  1. Web to Lead

  2. Web to Case

  3. User Object

Question No.185

Where are Sales force#39;s web services capabilities defined? Choose 2.

  1. Company Information

  2. Subscription Agreement

  3. WSDL

  4. API Documentation

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.186

Where can you find the Forcc.com IDE tool?

  1. Setup| Create | Apps

  2. Setup| Create | Packages

  3. Setup |Develop | Tools

  4. Setup Develop I API

Correct Answer: C

Question No.187

Where do I add IP addresses to the trusted set?

  1. Setup| Administration Setup |Security Controls| Network Access

  2. Setup| Administration Setup |Company Information

  3. Setup| Administration Setup |Users | Profiles

  4. Setup| Company Information

Correct Answer: A

Question No.188


Where is additional information about the Excel Connector available?

Correct Answer:

  1. The ADN (App Exchange Developer Network)

  2. http: //wiki. Apex devnet. com/index. php/Tools

Question No.189

Which App Exchange partners allows you to easily web-enable any object without needing to use the API to develop custom web integrations? Select all that apply.

  1. Model Metrics wcb2anything

  2. Veer West form Assembly

  3. Click tools

  4. Vertical Response

Correct Answer: ABC

Question No.190

Which are examples of dirty data?

  1. Duplicate Records

  2. Spelling/punctuation mistakes

  3. Incomplete records

  4. Free text spelling errors

  5. All of the above

Correct Answer: E

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