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Question No.241

Which is NOT a feature of Custom Report Types?

  1. The ability to change the label of a field as it displays on a report.

  2. The option to change the order of fields that display in the fields panel of the report builder.

  3. The ability to add fields related via lookup

  4. The ability to create a calculation across multiple records.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.242

Which is NOT an option for customizing Sales force Content?

  1. Customer fields

  2. Validation Rules

  3. Workflow Rules

  4. Workspace permissions

Correct Answer: C

Question No.243

Where within the user interface is the force.com IDE available for download?

  1. Setup gt; Develop gt; Components

  2. Setup gt; Develop gt;Tools

  3. Setup gt; Create gt; Packages

  4. Setup gt; Create gt; Apps

Correct Answer: B

Question No.244

What feature is NOT customizable under the Setup/Develop menu?

  1. Pages

  2. Components

  3. Apps

  4. Apex Classes

Correct Answer: C

Question No.245

The IT organization at Universal Containers wants to install a specific version of Force.com Connect Offline on all employee machines and periodically monitor which version of the product employees are using. How can they do this? Choose 2.

  1. This is not possible. Force.com Connect Offline must be installed by each Sales force user.

  2. Administrators in IT can see which version of Force.com Connect Offline that each user has by looking at the user role.

  3. Administrators in IT can monitor the version of Force.com Connect Offline that each user has by looking at the user login history.

  4. Windows Network Administrators can install Force.com Connect Off line on several machines at once using the MSI package available under Setup gt; Desktop Integration gt; Connect Offline.

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.246

Which is NOT a characteristic of a multi-tenant programming language such as Apex?

  1. Governor limits restrict the amount of interactions

  2. Developers can reuse global code written in any org

  3. All code is executed on the same set of Sales force servers

  4. Classes are saved with the version of the API with which they were created

Correct Answer: C

Question No.247

Which action is possible with Connect for Lotus Notes and Sales force for Outlook? Choose 3.

  1. Create accounts in Sales force

  2. Synchronize calendar appointments to Sales force

  3. Upload email attachments to Sales force

  4. Synchronize contacts and tasks to Sales force

Correct Answer: BCD

Question No.248

An Administrator would like to find out if a former employee has misused company data in Sales force prior to leaving the company. Which method should be used to verify the employee#39;s activity in Sales force?

  1. Log analysis

  2. Setup audit trail

  3. Download full login hi story

  4. Create a customer report for users.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.249

Introducing duplicate account records can be hard to control in a private sharing model. The Account Owner Report can be used to vie w a list of account records in such a sharing model. What is required to run this report?

  1. An administrator enabling this feature in the application

  2. Enabling quot;Modify All Dataquot; permissions on the user profile

  3. A user to be above an account owner in the role hierarchy

  4. A sharing rule whereby all accounts owned by the entire organ

Correct Answer: A

Question No.250

Which permission is needed to publish a document on Sales force Content?

  1. quot;Modify All Dataquot; checked on the user#39;s profile

  2. Customize Applicationquot; checked on the user#39;s profile

  3. Manage Works pacesquot; checked in the workspace permission definition, orquot; Modify All Dataquot; check on the user#39;s profile

  4. Manage Workspacesquot; checked in the workspace permissions definition, orquot; Add Contentquot; checked in the workspace permission definition

Correct Answer: D

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