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Question No.241

In Developer Edition, Validation rule for the #39;Account Site#39; field (field of type text) of Account object is, ISCHANGED( Site ) amp;amp; OwnerId lt; gt; $User.Id to make sure that if the #39;Account Site#39; field has been modified and the user is not the owner of the Account record, then an error message would be shown. The System Administrator has Read All, Modify All permission for the Account record. So the System Administrator will be able to modify the #39;Account Site#39; field of the

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No.242

When upserting record using Apex Data Loader for an object that has an external id field, if the value for this external id field is not provided in the csv file or while mapping fields from the csv file to the Salesforce object fields, then the upsert will always fail as the external id is a required field.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: A

Question No.243

Account object has a custom field #39;Tax#39; of type number. Two account records are present in Salesforce, account name Acc1 has value 7 in this field while account name Acc2 does not have any value in this field. This custom field Tax is now given a default value of 89 by editing it. Which of these cases will happen:

  1. The Tax field of Acc2 will get the value 89 and all accounts created henceforth will have the default value 89 in this Tax field

  2. The Tax field of Acc2 will r

Answer: B

Question No.244

Which of these can have only one of them active at a time?

  1. Validation rule

  2. Assignment rule

  3. Auto-response rule

  4. Workflow rule

  5. Escalation rule

  6. Approval process

  7. Sharing rule

Answer: BCE

Question No.245


What does Sales Stages refer to?

Answer: Stage picklist of opportunity

Question No.246


A workflow rule with workflow action of field update is active but is not giving the desired result. What could be the reason?


There might be another active workflow rule on the same object which might be giving an output which is conflicting with the output of this workflow rule by updating the same field in some other way. De activate the other workflow rule or check the business logic as to why we are doing multiple field updates on the same field.

Question No.247

#39;View All#39; has been checked at the profile level for a custom object Position but #39;Modify All#39; has not been checked. OWD is read/write of the Position object. Any user can delete Position records owned by other users.

  1. True

  2. False

  3. Depends

  4. None of the above

Answer: C

Question No.248


A new time trigger (like `3 hours after Rule Trigger Date#39; which is part of `Time-Dependant Workflow Actions#39;) cannot be added to a workflow rule under which cases using the `Add Time Trigger#39; button?


If the workflow rule is active

If any time-based workflow action is pending to be executed on any of the existing time triggers of that workflow rule (like say any field update workflow action pending of time trigger `1 Hour After Rule Trigger Date#39;). So deactivating t his workflow rule will not suffice. Deleting the record (if feasible) on which time-based workflow action is pending will make `Add Time Trigger#39; button active again. c. If the workflow rule is to be executed.

Question No.249


If OWD of Opportunity is set to private, then which all opportunities can a user view?


As OWD of Opportunity is set to private, so any user will be able to view only these opportunities:

  1. Opportunities owned by the user.

  2. Opportunities shared with the user using Opportunity Sharing Rule.

  3. Opportunities owned by users below this user in the organization role hierarchy as #39;Grant Access Using Hierarchies#39; is always checked for standard objects. It cannot be unchecked.

  4. Opportunities on which this user has been added as an Opportunity Team member

Question No.250


What is the use of Data Categories?


objects. It means none of the fields are tracked for any of the objects. Any changes to records owned by a user are automatically followed on Chatter. To disable this feature, go to Setup -gt; My Chatter Settings -gt; My Feeds and check the checkbox for #39;Stop automatically

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