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Question No.321


What is the difference between account team role amp; contact roles?


An account record can have an Account Team working on that account. Account team role decides what role any Account Team Member plays in that Account Team.

`Account Team#39; is a related list on any account record. `Contact Roles#39; is also a related list on an account record which is distinct from the `Contacts#39; related list. Any contact can be added to the

`Contact Roles#39; related list along with specifying what role that contact plays on that account.

Question No.322


What is the difference between Apex Data Loader and Import Wizard as far as record loading is concerned?


Apex Data Loader, Loading of a record fails if even one column/field has invalid data in it. Import Wizard, Inconsistent behavior. Sometimes the field with invalid data is not loaded but the remaining record gets loaded as mentioned above when text value was provided in a field of type number but the field was not a compulsorily required field. The record loading fails if this field is made a compulsorily required field.

Question No.323


Which operations can and cannot be performed by any employee of an organization who does not have a Salesforce license but has joined Chatter at the invitation of another user?


Invited users can view profiles, post on their feed, and join groups, but can#39;t see the Salesforce data or records.

Question No.324


What levels of access can be granted using manual sharing?


  1. Read-Only

  2. Read/Write

  3. Full Access

Question No.325

Files tab is available:

  1. By default

  2. Only after Chatter is enabled (from Setup gt; Customize gt; Chatter gt; Settings)

Answer: B

Question No.326


A picklist called Section on Account has these 2 values A, B. How would you write a validation rule on this picklist to ensure that user selects either A or B while creating an account?


It has got locked out, check the 鈥楲ockout effective period鈥?duration from 鈥楽etup -gt; Security Controls -gt; Password Policies鈥?/p>

Question No.327

If this option is unchecked on Customize gt; Leads gt; Settings, `Enforce Validation and Triggers from Lead Convert#39; then the validation rules and triggers of account, contact amp; opportunity are bypassed but the validation rules and triggers of lead execute.

  1. True

  2. False

Answer: B

Question No.328


What is a price book?


Price Books are a list of products with specifically defined unit price s and currencies. A price book can be set up for multiple currencies. When organizing products into price books, keep in mind that an o opportunity or quote can include products only from a single price book. To add or edit products in a price book, click the price book name.

Question No.329

When loading a new account using Apex Data Loader and specifying the owner id to whom the account should belong, under which of these cases, the data load will fail?

  1. The owner id is an invalid id. There is no user in salesforce with this id

  2. The owner id belongs to an inactive user.

  1. i only

  2. ii only

  3. both a and b

  4. none of the above

Answer: C

Question No.330

While creating a list view for opportunities if the filter chosen is quot;My Opportunity Teamsquot; then this list view will list these opportunities:

  1. Opportunities owned by that user even if that user is not a member of the Opportunity Teams of those opportunities

  2. Only those opportunities owned by that user in which he is also a member of the Opportunity Teams of those opportunities

  3. Opportunities owned by that user or any other user in which he is a member of the Opp

  4. None of the above

Answer: C

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