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Question No.71

Which variable type can use the processing type quot;replacement pathquot;? (Choose three)

  1. Formula variable

  2. Hierarchy variable

  3. Hierarchy node variable

  4. Characteristic value variable

  5. Text variable

Correct Answer: ADE

Question No.72

Your Crystal Reports 2011 report is grouped by city. How can you display only cities that have more than 10 records?

  1. Use the Database Expert.

  2. Use the Group Expert.

  3. Use the Select Expert.

  4. Use the Section Expert.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.73

You want to create a Crystal report based on a BEx Query that contains a characteristic value variable. To which element is this variable mapped in Crystal Reports?

  1. Formula

  2. Parameter

  3. Prompt

  4. Filter

Correct Answer: B

Question No.74

Which tasks can you perform by using URL parameters in BEx Web Application Designer? (Choose two)

  1. Change filter values.

  2. Change Web item properties.

  3. Change the authorization user.

  4. Change the applied portal theme.

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.75

What happens when you activate a characteristic InfoObject with master data?

  1. Existing master data is validated and written in the activation queue.

  2. If the activation is successful, a Master data Change Run is automatically started.

  3. The assigned navigational attributes are activated for reporting in the InfoCube.

  4. The SID table and the appropriate master data tables are created in the Data Dictionary.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.76

You want to customize your settings in the BI launch pad, but the Preferences button is disabled. Why?

  1. The BW user management denies you the rights to customize your own user preferences.

  2. Your system administrator denied you the rights to customize your own user preferences.

  3. The SAP Portal theme prevents you from customizing the BI launch pad.

  4. Your system administrator configured your system to use predetermined settings.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.77

You use BEx Query Designer to create a query with the characteristic quot;Materialquot; in the rows and the key figure quot;Sales Volumequot; in the columns. Now you create an exception (Bad 3, Critical 2 and Good 1) and activate it. After executing the query, all values under Sales Volume are colored.

You now edit the exception and click the Exception Only Affects Results button. What happens in the report?

  1. No report records are colored.

  2. Only the Bad 3 values are colored.

  3. Only the overall result of the Sales Volume key figure is colored.

  4. The exception is deactivated automatically.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.78

What does this formula do? Month ({Orders.Order Date})

  1. Determines the month in which an order has been placed

  2. Lists the orders that have been placed in a given month

  3. Returns the total number of orders that have been placed in a given month

  4. Sorts the orders by month

Correct Answer: A

Question No.79

Which BW sources supply data to a BEx Web application? (Choose three)

  1. BEx Queries

  2. BWA indexes

  3. Fact tables

  4. InfoProviders

  5. BEx Query views

Correct Answer: ADE

Question No.80

Which tool do you use to enable SAP authentication?

  1. Information Design Tool (IDT)

  2. Central Management Console (CMC)

  3. Central Configuration Manager (CCM)

  4. LifeCycle Manager (LCM)

Correct Answer: B

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