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Question 1

Which collection enforces type safety?


A.      Queue

B.      Hashtable

C.      ArrayList

D.      List<T>


Correct Answer: D



Question 2

You need to trace the execution of an application that contains C# code and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET code. Which tool should you use?


A.      Machine Debug Manager

B.      Remote Debug Monitor

C.      Microsoft Visual Studio

D.      CLR Profiler


Correct Answer: C



Question 3

Which core technology allows interoperability between Microsoft Visual Basic .NET code and C# code?


A.      Microsoft Visual Studio

B.      Windows 7

C.      Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)

D.      Windows Azure


Correct Answer: C



Question 4

What is an advantage of strongly typed code languages like .NET?


A.      Use of efficient type casting.

B.      Use of less memory.

C.      Capturing of errors during compilation.

D.      Improved readability.


Correct Answer: C



Question 5

Why do managed languages use references and not pointers?


A.      Pointer notation requires more characters than reference notation.

B.      Pointers are stored by using a fixed amount of memory.

C.      Pointers are not type-safe.

D.      Null pointers can lead to run-time errors.


Correct Answer: C



Question 6

What is the name of the environment that runs .NET managed code?


A.      Common Language Runtime (CLR)

B.      Component Object Model (COM)

C.      Virtual Private Network (VPN)

D.      Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)


Correct Answer: A



Question 7

You need to suspend the current thread until all Finalize() methods have been processed. Which garbage collection method should you use?


A.      WaitforPendingFinalizers

B.      SuppressFinalize

C.      Collect

D.      Dispose


Correct Answer: D



Question 8

Which feature is automatically handled in managed code but must be explicitly handled in unmanaged code?


A.      Namespaces

B.      Code signing

C.      Memory disposal

D.      Exception handling


Correct Answer: C



Question 9

You want to access a native Win32 function from a .NET application. You import the function. Which two keywords should you use to define the function? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


A.      Extern

B.      Static

C.      Private

D.      Public


Correct Answer: AD



Question 10

A class named Student is contained inside a namespace named Contoso.Registration. Another class named Student is contained inside a namespace named Contoso.Contacts. You need to use both classes within the same code file. What are two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A.        Add the following line of code on the top of the code file,

Using Contoso;

Refer to the classes by using the Student class wrapped within the regions named

Registration and Contacts.


B.        Refer to the classes by using their fully qualified class names, Contoso.Registration.Student and Contoso.Contacts.Student.


C.        Add the following lines of code on the top of the code file.

Using Contoso.Contacts;

Using Contoso.Registration;

Refer to the classes by using the Student class.


D.        Add the following lines of code on the top of the code file.

Using RStudent = Contoso.Registration.Student;

Using CStudent = Contoso.Contacts.Student;

Refer to the classes as RStudent and CStudent.


Correct Answer: AC



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