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Question 11

Which describes the effect of applying the protected accessibility modifier to a method?


A.      The method is available to all classes derived from the declaring class.

B.      The method is available only to other methods in the same class.

C.      The method cannot be overridden in child classes.

D.      The method is available only to classes in the same assembly.


Correct Answer: A



Question 12

You want to create a class named ShoppingCart that has a type argument named TItem. The TItem type argument must be a value type. Which code segment should you use to define the

ShoppingCart class?















Correct Answer: D



Question 13

You create a class library named Contoso.Business. The library is used in a Windows application named Contoso.Ui. In which file should you store application configuration settings during deployment?


A.      Web.config

B.      Machine.config

C.      Contoso.Ui.config

D.      Contoso.Business.config


Correct Answer: C



Question 14

Which is the base class of all classes in the .NET Framework?


A.      System.Net

B.      System.Drawing

C.      System.Object

D.      System


Correct Answer: C



Question 15

You want to raise a custom exception. Which keyword should you use?


A.      Finally

B.      Catch

C.      Try

D.      Throw


Correct Answer: D



Question 16

What is the purpose of the app.config file?


A.      To configure the version of .NET targeted by the application.

B.      To load references to third-party libraries used by the application.

C.      To find out the programming language of the application.

D.      To configure the target operating system of the application.


Correct Answer: A



Question 17

What is the characteristic of a delegate?


A.      A type-safe function pointer

B.      An object that raises an event

C.      A tightly coupled event

D.      A property function that includes optional parameters


Correct Answer: B



Question 18

You define a method according to the following code segment. (Line numbers are included for reference only.)




Where should you insert code that must be executed, regardless of whether or not an error is thrown?


A.      Between lines 05 and 06

B.      Between lines 08 and 09

C.      Between lines 11 and 12

D.      Between lines 12 and 13


Correct Answer: C



Question 19

You write code that reads a file from the disk. Which exception will catch an error if the file is missing?


A.      InvalidOperationException

B.      FaultException

C.      IOException

D.      ApplicationException


Correct Answer: C



Question 20

Which file contains the required .NET settings for an ASP.NET web application?


A.      Default.aspx

B.      Web.config

C.      Global.asax

D.      Site.master


Correct Answer: B


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