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Question 21

Which two actions should you perform to consume events defined in another class? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


A.      Define a method that raises the event.

B.      Set the current class as a sealed class.

C.      Place a reference to the consuming class in the class that raises the event.

D.      Match the signature of the delegate declared for the event.

E.       Define an event handler method.

Correct Answer: DE



Question 22

In which folder should you store the web.config file in a .NET web application?


A.      App_Data

B.      App_Code

C.      Root

D.      Bin


Correct Answer: C



Question 23

Which .NET object combines the identity and role of a user?


A.      FormsIdentity

B.      WindowsPrincipal

C.      WindowsIdentity

D.      GenericIdentity


Correct Answer: D



Question 24

Which three policy types are .NET security policy levels? (Choose three.)


A.      Data policy

B.      Machine policy

C.      Application domain policy

D.      Enterprise policy

E.       Network policy


Correct Answer: BCD



Question 25

You need to find out whether an application has access to delete files from the C:Logs directory. Which code segment should you use?


A.      var permission = new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.PathDiscovery, “C:\Logs”);

B.      var permission = new FileIOPermission (FileIOPermissionAccess.Read, “C:\Logs”);

C.      var permission = new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Write, “C:\Logs”);

D.      var permission = new FileIOPermission(FileIOPermissionAccess.Append, “C:\Logs”);


Correct Answer: C



Question 26

Which feature protects computers from running untrusted applications?


A.      Code Access security

B.      Role-based security

C.      Evidence-based security

D.      Cryptography


Correct Answer: A



Question 27

The SecureString class:


A.      Ensures that a password is strong enough.

B.      Protects data from being revealed during garbage collection.

C.      Ensures that memory will always be available for a string.

D.      Remains in memory always.


Correct Answer: B



Question 28

Which two methods can you use to load an assembly? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A.      GetLoadedModules()

B.      LoadModule(String, ByteQ)

C.      LoadFrom(String)

D.      Load(String)


Correct Answer: BD



Question 29

What is the purpose of strong naming?


A.      To assign a globally unique key to the assembly.

B.      To ensure that only one version of an assembly is stored in a directory at any point in time.

C.      To manage the references of the file list in an assembly’s manifest.

D.      To impose restrictions on how different data types are defined within an assembly.


Correct Answer: A



Question 30

Which standard allows data types to be interchanged among all Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) programming languages?


A.      Common Intermediate Language System (CILS)

B.      Virtual Execution System (VES)

C.      Common Type System (CTS)

D.      Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)


Correct Answer: C


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