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Question 31

You need to retrieve an assembly’s Version property. Which class should you use?


A.      AssemblyName

B.      MemberInfo

C.      Assembly

D.      OperatingSystem


Correct Answer: A



Question 32

You have created a program that writes status updates into a file. You want to modify the file. You need to ensure that other users can view the file while it is being modified. Which permission should you use to open the file?


A.      FileAccess.Write

B.      FileShare.Inheritable

C.      FileShare.Read

D.      FileShare.None

E.       FileAccess.Read


Correct Answer: C

Question 33

Which two classes in the .NET Framework allow you to delete a file? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A.      System.IO.FileInfo

B.      System.IO.FileStream

C.      System.IO.Stream

D.      System.IO.Path

E.       System.IO.File


Correct Answer: AE



Question 34

You want to substitute values in a string that is displayed on the console. Which code fragment will display “Hello, World”?


A.      Console.WriteLine(“Hello, {0}”, “World”);

B.      Console.WriteLine(“Hello, (0)”, “World”);

C.      Console.WriteLine(“Hello, <0>”, “World”);

D.      Console.WriteLine(“Hello, [0]”, “World”);


Correct Answer: A



Question 35

Where are the command line arguments stored for a console application?


A.      In a value-type parameter that is passed to the Main method.

B.      In the Console.In property.

C.      In a string array parameter that is passed to the Main method.

D.      In the Console.Read() method.


Correct Answer: C



Question 36

You create a class that uses unmanaged resources. You need to ensure that users of the class can explicitly release resources when the instance of the class is no longer required. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


A.      Use a class destructor that is called from within the Dispose method.

B.      Implement the IDisposable interface.

C.      Inherit from the WeakReference class.

D.      Use a class destructor that calls the Kill method.


Correct Answer: AB



Question 37

Value type variables are stored in the:


A.      Code segment

B.      Heap

C.      Stack

D.      Text segment


Correct Answer: C



Question 38

Managed code manages:


A.      Database connections.

B.      Memory.

C.      Processor optimization.

D.      Source code.


Correct Answer: C



Question 39

What does the .NET Framework use to pass data between managed and unmanaged code?


A.      Marshaling

B.      Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP)

C.      Deserialization

D.      File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


Correct Answer: A



Question 40

Which should you use to call a class written in C# from a program written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET?


A.      The Visual Basic .NET syntax

B.      The Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) API

C.      A Component Object Model (COM) interface

D.      The C# syntax


Correct Answer: A


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