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Question 61

You create an ArrayList object. You need to ensure that only objects of the System.DateTime type can be added to the collection. What should you do?


A.      Use a Hashtable collection.

B.      Use the ToString() method on objects that you add to the ArrayList.

C.      Use a List<T> collection.

D.      Restrict the ArrayList variable to a capacity of 16 items.


Correct Answer: C



Question 62

Which code segment prevents the class named Final from being inherited?
















Correct Answer: D



Question 63

You use code from different companies. You need to avoid naming conflicts within your code. What should you do?


A.      Use global variables to reference each of the classes.

B.      Define each class as private.

C.      Deploy the classes as two separate files.

D.      Define the classes inside unique namespaces.


Correct Answer: C



Question 64

You need to create a DLL that contains classes that can be reused in other projects. Which type of Microsoft Visual Studio project should you use?


A.      Class Library

B.      Web Application

C.      Console Application

D.      Windows Service


Correct Answer: A



Question 65

You need to be able to install and uninstall an assembly from the Global Assembly Cache (GAC). Which tool should you use?


A.      Ngen.exe

B.      Resgen.exe

C.      GacUtil.exe

D.      Sn.exe


Correct Answer: A



Question 66

Common Intermediate Language (CIL) is converted into executable code by using:


A.      Microsoft Visual Studio.

B.      Interactive debugger.

C.      Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler.

D.      Intermediate Language Disassembler (ILDASM.exe).


Correct Answer: C



Question 67

When you delay sign a .NET assembly, the assembly will include:


A.      Both public key and private key.

B.      Only the public key.

C.      Only the private key

D.      Neither the public key nor the private key.


Correct Answer: B



Question 68

Which two actions are performed by the .NET Version class? (Choose two.)


A.      Returns the version number of the web browser

B.      Provides the base class for value types.

C.      Returns the version number of an assembly.

D.      Returns the version number of the Common Language Runtime.


Correct Answer: CD



Question 69

Which class should you use to perform a search of an XML document?


A.      XmlElement

B.      XPathDocument

C.      XmlNode

D.      XmlReader


Correct Answer: C



Question 70

You load an XML document named doc1 that has an attribute named EmployeeId. Which code fragment will set the value of EmployeeId to A23?


A.      Doc1.CreateAttribute(“EmployeeId”, “A23”);

B.      Doc1.DocumentElement.SetAttribute(“Employeeld”,”A23″);

C.      Doc1.CreateNode(“EmployeeId”, “A23”, “”);

D.      Doc1.CreateElement(“Employeeld”,”A23″);


Correct Answer: D


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