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Question 71

You create a custom exception class named MyCustomException that is derived from

ApplicationException. Which code segment should you use to raise MyCustomException?














Correct Answer: B



Question 72

Custom event delegates are used to:


A.      Raise one or more custom events

B.      Handle errors generated in a try block.

C.      Route events to one or more event handlers.

D.      Process mouse clicks or keyboard input.


Correct Answer: C



Question 73

An event is a/an:


A.      Structure used to store output data.

B.      Message sent by an object to signal the occurrence of an action.

C.      Occurrence of a program at a specific time.

D.      Object that responds to a message.


Correct Answer: B



Question 74

You want to encrypt the connection string stored in the web.config file. Which tool should you use?


A.      ASP.NET IIS Registration Tool (RegIIS.exe)

B.      Intermediate Language Disassembler (ILDASM.exe)

C.      Web Site Administration Tool

D.      Dotfuscator Software Services


Correct Answer: C



Question 75

Which namespace should you reference while using the StreamWriter class?


A.      System.Text

B.      System.Drawing

C.      System.IO

D.      System.Printing


Correct Answer: C



Question 76

You want to use a collection to store Order items. The collection must be thread-safe and must provide access to the items in a last-in-first-out sequence. Which type of collection should you use?


A.      LinkedList

B.      ConcurrentQueue

C.      ConcurrentStack

D.      NameValueCollection


Correct Answer: C



Question 77

You want to create a method that can accept any data type as arguments. Which feature of .NET languages allows you to create one method that will accept different data types on each call to the method?


A.      Delegates

B.      Named Parameters

C.      Overriding

D.      Generics


Correct Answer: D









Question 78

A base class named MasterData is defined according to the following code segment.




Which code segment should you use to define a method named LoadData that overrides the method in the MasterData class?




















Correct Answer: D



Question 79

A .NET application requires:


A.      Windows System Registry.

B.      Common Language Runtime.

C.      COM libraries.

D.      Web services.


Correct Answer: B



Question 80

You create an unmanaged object and use the object. You no longer need the object. What should you do?


A.      Set the value of the variable to null.

B.      Cache the variable’s value in a static variable.

C.      Dispose the object to release memory.

D.      Cast the object to its base type.


Correct Answer: C


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