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Which two actions can you use to repair or reconstruct damaged Microsoft Dynamics GP data?

(Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


A.      Use the Check Links process in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

B.      Run a Reconcile process in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

C.      Run the DBCC CHECKDB command in SQL Server.

D.      Use the SQL Database Maintenance window in Microsoft Dynamics GP.


Correct Answer: AB




Which database recovery model provides point¡ªin-time recovery capabilities?


A.      Bulk-Logged

B.      None

C.      Simple

D.      Full


Correct Answer: D




Which Distributed Process Server (DPS) configuration allows load balancing?


A.      DPS on Services

B.      DPS on the data server

C.      DPS on a client

D.      DPS on dedicated servers


Correct Answer: A


At which stage are remote processes selected for the Distributed Process Server (DPS)?


A.      During DPS Server Setup

B.      During DPS Service Setup

C.      At any time after initial configuration

D.      During DPS Setup


Correct Answer: D




The Distributed Processes option is set to Local in the User Preferences window. Where will the

processes run?


A.      Users will have the option to process locally or remotely when each process is run.

B.      Processes will be run locally for all users.

C.      Processes will be run remotely for all users.

D.      Processes will be run locally for only the user who is logged in.


Correct Answer: D




You configure the SQL Server database engine that uses Microsoft Dynamics GP. Which type of

authentication should you specify?


A.      Windows Authentication only.

B.      SQL Server Authentication only.

C.      Claims-Based Authentication.

D.      Mixed Mode (SQL Server Authentication and Windows Authentication).


Correct Answer: D




You run Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities and select the Basic installation option. Which setting

needs to be configured manually after completing the Basic installation?


A.      The system database files location.

B.      The location where Microsoft Excel reports are deployed.

C.      The account framework.

D.      The system password.


Correct Answer: B




What is the maximum number of characters allowed for an account in General Ledger?


A.      10

B.      24

C.      45

D.      66

E.       99


Correct Answer: D




Which application must be installed to allow users to automatically send sales invoices in PDF

format by using email?


A.      Microsoft Word 2010

B.      Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-In for Microsoft Word

C.      Adobe Acrobat

D.      Adobe Reader X


Correct Answer: B




Which component will the Bootstrapper Setup program prompt for installation if they are not

already installed?


A.      eConnect

B.      Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities

C.      Microsoft Dexterity Shared Components 12.0

D.      Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-In for Microsoft Word


Correct Answer: D


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